Benchmade Protagonist Knife

Benchmade Protagonist Fixed Blade Knife Review

Among the work of Benchmade’s in-house designers, a family of two new fixed-blade knives stand out as exemplars of what the company’s Black Class series of knives strives to accomplish. This product line fulfills the needs of active duty military, first responders, law enforcement, and enthusiasts whose active lifestyle requires a knife with the ability to double as both a tactical blade and an outdoor … Continue reading Benchmade Protagonist Fixed Blade Knife Review

Spyderco Native 5 40th Anniversary Model

When a company sets out to create a special-edition product to celebrate a milestone anniversary in its progress from startup to success, the result typically aims for the combination of special high-grade materials, either in an all-new design or in a command-performance version of a time-tested, popular offering. As Spyderco’s 40th year in business arrives, the company has done just that in creating the model … Continue reading Spyderco Native 5 40th Anniversary Model

Benchmade 928 Proxy

Benchmade 928 Proxy Knife Review

The Benchmade 928 Proxy fits into the well-respected Oregon knife-maker’s Blue Class of products. Along with the company’s Black Class, aimed at armed forces personnel, law enforcement, public safety workers, and others with demanding performance expectations, the Blue Class lies at the heart of Benchmade’s offerings. Within the Blue Class, Benchmade’s products fulfill the day-in, day-out objectives of people who rely on knives to support their … Continue reading Benchmade 928 Proxy Knife Review

Benchmade 119 Arvensis

Benchmade 119 Arvensis Fixed Blade Knife Review

Thanks to Benchmade’s tradition of pairing up with world renowned custom designers to offer production knives that uphold traditions of innovation and material excellence, the company has brought many popular product models to market bearing names familiar to those who study the work of artists and artisans in the field of knife making. The 2016 Benchmade lineup is no exception.   Custom knife maker Shane … Continue reading Benchmade 119 Arvensis Fixed Blade Knife Review

Benchmade 320 Flipper

Benchmade 320 Precinct Knife Review

Benchmade collaborates with a roster of leading names in the design profession to produce knives that present fresh perspectives in materials and mechanisms. These knives feature the best of Benchmade’s manufacturing processes, quality control, and marketplace presence, giving custom designers access to a wider customer base and enabling Benchmade to offer new design ideas in a production package.   In 2011, Benchmade partnered with three … Continue reading Benchmade 320 Precinct Knife Review

Benchmade 765

Benchmade 765 Mini Ti Monolock Knife Review

Unlike Benchmade’s Black Class, designed for tactical use among armed services personnel and law enforcement, or the company’s Gold Class, with its luxurious materials and limited-production designs, the Benchmade Blue Class features knives crafted to provide durable, reliable service as everyday carries for people who rely on cutting tools for their work, relaxation, and hobbies. These Blue Class knives use high-quality materials, feature innovative opening … Continue reading Benchmade 765 Mini Ti Monolock Knife Review

Benchmade 2551 Mini Reflex II Knife Review

The Benchmade Mini-Reflex II introduces a new, improved, and updated edition of the enduringly popular Benchmade Mini-Reflex, Benchmade’s best selling automatic knife. Within the Benchmade Black Series, aimed at professional and those who treat a knife as a serious investment in everyday utility, the Mini-Reflex II can excel at tactical tasks as well as serving as an everyday carry.   Blade Profile   The Benchmade … Continue reading Benchmade 2551 Mini Reflex II Knife Review

Benchmade 3551

Benchmade 3551 Stimulus Auto Knife — New Product Announcement

Based in Oregon, the epicenter of U.S. knife production, Oregon City’s Benchmade ranked second when Knife News conducted a brand-awareness survey of blade enthusiasts in 2015. Formulated and refined over Benchmade’s 30-year history, the company’s strategy applies state-of-the-art manufacturing and production processes to custom knife designs from industry-leading knife makers, making high-quality implements available to a larger customer base than previously could obtain them and … Continue reading Benchmade 3551 Stimulus Auto Knife — New Product Announcement

Benchmade 484-1 Quick Review

Benchmade 484-1            Made in the USA With the Benchmade Nakamura, the saying “you get what you pay for” has never been truer. The quality of manufacturing, materials and construction are all completely top-notch. Featuring gorgeous carbon fiber handles for lightweight strength, S90V blade steel for optimal resistance to wear and electric blue barrel spacers and pivot pin for a pop of color, this knife strikes … Continue reading Benchmade 484-1 Quick Review

Knife Terminology Glossary

Knife Terminology Glossary Updated 10.15.15 Anodization– The process by which the oxide surface layer of a metal part is made thicker by electrolytic passivation to make it more resistant to corrosion and wear as well as for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes Balisong- Commonly referred to as a butterfly knife, this knife has two rotating handles that move around the pivot pin and, when closed, hide … Continue reading Knife Terminology Glossary