Kershaw Cryo Knife Review

Here is a blast from the past–quick video review of the Kershaw Cryo.  Great Hinderer design.  Figured it was appropriate since today starts our Kershaw sale.

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Kershaw Burst Flipper Assist Knife Review

Kershaw Burst Assist Knife

Kershaw Burst Assist Knife, short review of the Kershaw model 1970

The Kershaw Burst puts a powerful, fast opening blade in your hand with just a slight tug on the flipper.  The uniquely modified clip point blade excels at piercing cuts as well as slicing and chopping.  A glass filled nylon handle tops off this fantastic every day carry knife by giving you a comfortable and secure grip.

The 3″ blade opens via the SpeedSafe® assisted opening mechanism.  Once open, the flipper becomes a blade guard (quillon) that is built with a perfect curve so your forefinger snugs right up into it and the slight curvature of the handle where they meet.  The clip point blade is razor sharp right out of the box.  Made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, the blade keeps a good edge, has good strength, and great corrosion resistance which makes this an ideal every day carry knife.  It will cut what you need cut, will take an edge with ease, and isn’t going to complain when you put it away without pulling out the oil can and buffing cloth.

The blade has some jimping on a thumb ramp that also blends perfectly with the handle spine.  A small ferro notch about midway up the blade spine does double duty as a control point for your thumb when you want to make controlled fine cuts.  All the edges of the ferro notch are nicely chamfered so it is a smooth, comfortable spot for your thumb.  In fact, the entire spine of the blade has been slightly “broken” or chamfered so it extremely comfortable on your thumb.

The blade has a hollow grind which makes it ideal for slicing.  The edge of the blade has a secondary V-grind bevel that takes and incredibly sharp edge. The blade locks in place with a liner lock.  The liner gets a nice solid grip on the blade when it opens so the blade sits secure in the open position.  There is a small ball detent to keep the blade in the closed position when you want it to stay that way.

The glass filled nylon handle features a textured pattern that affords you a solid grip.  The spine of the handle, as mentioned previously, has jimping near the blade and it has some on the butt of the blade as well.  I’m not quite sure that this is the kind of knife you would typically hold in a reverse grip–so the jimping on the butt adds some visual appeal but probably not really useable.  The pocket clip is tip up, right/left reversible.  This means the knife is a true ambidextrous since it is flipper activated.  The pocket clip is somewhat small–but adequate for the job.

The Kershaw Burst is an amazing production knife for under $30.  It is mid sized, has good materials, and the blade takes an extra sharp edge.  The knife is going to last a long time, it doesn’t weigh too much and it can take some serious abuse–which in my book make it an ideal EDC for pocket carry. Get yours here on our website.



  • Steel: 8CR13MOV stainless steel
  • Handle: Glass-filled nylon
  • Blade Length: 3 in. (7.6 cm)
  • Closed Length: 4 1/8 in. (10.5 cm)
  • Overall Length: 7 1/8 in. (18 cm)
  • Weight: 4.6 oz.
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Microtech Crosshair Fixed Blade Knife Review

In this quick video, the Crosshair 101-1GR is reviewed. You can find all of our large stock of Microtech Crosshair Fixed Blade Knives on our website here. Enjoy the video.

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Boker Camo Defender LinerLock Knife Review

Boker Plus Camo Defender

Boker Plus Camo Defender

The Boker Plus Camo Defender knife catches your eye with a grey and black camo pattern on a classic style combat folder.  This knife is built to handle any task you give it.  Built as an Every Day Carry (EDC) knife, the Camo Defender is rugged yet functional.

The clip point blade features a combo edge which makes it ideal for cutting through rope, webbing and belts with ease.  The spine of the blade has some mild jimping about halfway down that allows you to position your thumb and get a nice, solid purchase when making fine, precise cuts.  The most noticeable features of the blade are the double guards that swing around when you open the blade to keep your hand from riding up onto the blade.  They also give you secondary points for use when opening the blade.  When open, the blade locks in place with a liner lock.

The handle has the same camo pattern.  In the middle of each handle scale are two sections with reptile grip inlays.  This insert material gives you an incredible anti slip grip.  The handle is an open frame design that allows for easy maintenance and cleaning of the knife.  It has a four position clip.

If you are looking for a no nonsense folder that is built tough the Boker Camo Defender is a great choice.  Best of all, at under $25, the knife is a bargain.  This smooth opening folder is perfect for pocket carry or for any gear bag as a utility knife.

Blade length: 7 3/4″.
Overall length: 3 3/8″.
Weight: 6.1 oz.

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CRKT Exitool Video Review

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CRKT Incendor Assist Knife Review — Quick Review

CRKT Incendor Assist Knife

CRKT Incendor Assist Knife

Ken Steigerwalt designed the CRKT Incendor.  This assist open knife uses the Outburst™ mechanism to fire out the traditional drop point blade.  The blade features a bead blast finish and a grey titanium nitride coat.  The nearly 3″ blade has a slight hollow grind that makes it an ideal blade for everday cutting chores.  The blade also has the Fire Safe™ thumbstud opening system.  The thumbstud actually has a spring inside that allows you to depress it slightly.  Without pressing the thumbstud down, the blade actually won’t fire.  It is a secondary safety to keep the blade from misfiring.

The handle scales on the Incendor are  milled G10 with several curved steps that give additional grip to a very ergonomic handle.  The handle measures 3.97″.  It has a deep carry tip down pocket clip.  A true deep carry, the only part that shows out of your pocket is a thin strip of pocket clip.

The Incendor from CRKT is an ideal every day carry knife for anyone looking.  Let me know what you think of yours below.


Blade: Length: 2.96″
Thickness: .11″
Steel: 8Cr14MoV, 58-60 HRC
Blade Style: Drop Point, Hollow Grind, Bead Blast Grey TiNitride Finish
Handle length: 3.97″
Open Overall length: 6.94″
Weight: 3.8 Ounces
Model#: 6870

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Kershaw Cryo II Knife Review — Video Demo

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BladeOps Email Flyer–In Case You Didn’t See It

This is the BladeOps Email Flyer that was released on April 11, 2014. Deal is only good for today.

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  Schrade SC50B Extreme Survival Automatic Knife–

This compact automatic knife is perfect for your pocket. We found a screaming deal on a special supply of these and want to share it with you.  But it won’t last forever–get yours quickly before supplies run out.

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ProTech Runt J4 Knife Review — Video Review

For the record, I’m biased.  I have a ProTech Runt J4 and it is one of my all time favorite small automatic knives.  And just so you can see how excellent it is, here is a quick video review for your viewing pleasure:

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Kershaw Injection 3.0 vs Kershaw Injection 3.5 Video Comparison

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