Al Mar SERE Operator, Sawback

The extremely popular SERE knife by Al Mar Knives has been created here as a fixed blade knife. This knife is stripped down, functional beauty. The handle, which is plenty large for big hands, is made of Prylon. Prylon, by the way, is a plastic with about 30% glass in it and has been described as “tough as sin” (quoted from DWENSLEN who talked with G Fadden of Al Mar). Prylon, apparently, is similar to Kydex except much harder and holds its shape in heat, unlike Kydex. Any way you call it, the scales on this knife just feel good in your hand. At the tang of the blade the handle flares out on the top of the spine and underneath. This makes for a good hold point.

The blade is made of S30V steel. For those who don’t already know, S30V is a revolutionary stainless steel which makes for harder, more wear resistant blades that are way less brittle than standard 440C stainless steel. Most experts estimate it also holds its edge about 45% better than 440C. Both good reasons to like this stainless steel blade.

The SERE Operator has a fantastic sawback edge which is incredible. You actually can use this as a saw. It is sharp, and the points of the saw teeth angle in just slightly to thick tips. I assume this allows you to cut better without getting the blade stuck in whatever you are cutting. Having had a lot of experience with wood saws, I know you would always prefer thin teeth to thick teeth. The blade comes incredibly sharp, right out of the box.

Finally, as if this isn’t enough, the knife comes with a molded sheath which works great in multiple positions. It is fantastic for tactical and emergency operations because inclement weather wont affect it since it is made of Prylon also with a secondary rubber ring and and extender plate for additional positioning.
Plus, this knife is made in the USA. And it comes at a reasonable price. Check one out today. It works great as a tactical weapon or as a really good survival knife.

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