An Independent Man, by T.C.

I am an independent man and I am drawn to the things that real men are drawn-to. When my wife lets me…. (wink), I spend my time in the man zone; the high testosterone zone. Among the things found in the zone are edged weapons. Channeling¬†Will Rogers, ‘I never met a knife I didn’t like’… well, Mr. Rogers was referring to men, but to be honest I have met more than a few of those with whom I didn’t care to associate. I bet if Will were here today, he might feel the same; about knives that is…. but I digress.
The edged weapon is the quintessential tool for man in every society in every age. Before firearms, man used knives to do his bidding. Whether to dispatch his enemy or feed his family, the blade was his tool of choice. What of the club you say? Yes, the club played it’s part in the submission of food and foe. But when it came time deal with, say the buffalo, the edged weapon proved of infinitely greater value than the club. Did you ever try to dress out a buffalo with a stick? When you watch a naked survival show on the tube, is it a stick they pull out of their goody bag? Heck no, they go for the knife or some other edged weapon every time. And next time I’m having surgery, I am keeping one eye open to make sure the doc is using a scalpel. You get the picture. It is clear that mankind cannot exist without the knife. It is the consummate tool of choice.
Well, gotta go. I would share more, but my wife says we have to take Fluffy, our Pomeranian to the beauty shop for a toenail job and a bath…. I need a stick now.

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