Bear and Son Butterfly Knives–2nd Generation

Bear & Son Bear Song II Butterfly Knife
Bear & Son Bear Song II Butterfly Knife
Bear & Son Bear Song II Butterfly Knife

Bear and Son makes some very good, no nonsense butterfly knives at amazing prices.  The 113 series and the 114 series have been popular butterfly knife choices for entry-level butterfly enthusiasts for several years.  These two series are built solid, have pin construction for minimum fuss, and are priced so everyone can have a butterfly knife.  Just this past year, Bear & Son Cutlery released their newest version of the butterfly knife.  These knives are part of the tactical division of Bear & Son known as Bear Ops.  The Bear Ops butterfly knives are named the Bear Song.  Currently there is a Bear Song I, II, and a III.  These knives are built for the butterfly user that is willing to pay a bit more to have a product that is a step up from entry-level. 

For instance, the Bear Song III features skeletonized G10 handles with a 154CM stainless steel blade.  You can pick one of these up for under $150.00.  With higher quality handles and a much better steel on the blade, you have a butterfly knife that is going to perform better in your hands, last longer, and can double as a solid cutting knife if the need arises.  Check out the full line of butterfly knives from Bear & Son Cutlery on our website.


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