Benchmade 808 Loco AXIS Folder Knife Review

Benchmade 808 Lcoo
Benchmade 808 Lcoo

An 808 can be used as a reference to a variety of things.  Back in the 80’s, there was an analogue synthesiser called the Roland TR-808 which was used in many of the songs produced during that era.  If you are accused of an 808 penal code violation, you are disturbing the peace.  The 808 code is a reference to the sound of bass from stereos which are often the cause of the problem.  808 is also the area code for the entire state of Hawaii.  So if I’m headed to the 808, I could be headed to the islands. And now, the 808 refers to the newest addition to the Benchmade premium line of knives.

The Benchmade 808 Loco is a heavy duty tactical folder tricked out with plenty of tricked out hardware and attitude.  Built for the world you live in, the 808 Loco boasts the AXIS folder mechanism, custom styled hardware, and high quality materials that deliver strength, power, and durability.

The 808 Loco features a CPM-S30V premium stainless steel blade that comes with a satin silver or black coated finish.  You can pick up either finish with a plain edge or combo edge.  The S30V reverse tanto blade delivers the same cutting advantages that come from a drop point with the addition of a stronger tip for heavy piercing cuts.  The S30V gives you  high durability, high corrosion resistance and excellent edge retention.  This means you get to spend more time cutting and less time sharpening your new Benchmade 808 Loco.

You open the blade by pulling on the oval hole that lies on the top edge of the blade.  Or, with a bit of practice, you can pull the AXIS lock down and give the knife a flick of your wrist–if done right, the blade pops open easy and smooth.  This makes it really easy to use the knife with just one hand, which is nice when your other hand is busy.

The AXIS lock mechanism, in my estimation, is one of the very best mechanisms currently available for a folder knife.  It is unbelievably tough and gives you maximum blade security when you are making heavy cuts.

The 808 Loco grabs you visually with unique hardware.  The pivot screw has three cuts that create a triangular shape at the top that tapers down to a full circle where the pivot enters the handle scale.  The AXIS lock mechanism presents a similar triangular visual with three cuts that turn the circular shape into a tapered pyramid.

Add to that the visual the smooth black G10 handle scales that express heavy personality with smooth curves that allow you to keep a solid grip on the 808 whatever the environment throws at you–wet, slippery, cold, whatever; none of those things can pry this knife out of your hands.  The deep finger groove keeps your forefinger at the point of control so you can make precise cuts as well.  At the base of the handle lies a lanyard hole.  The G10 handle scales are backed up with stainless steel liners that give the 808 serious strength.

The Benchmade 808 is the kind of knife that is built for tactical situations.  Big, burly and substantial, the 808 will get your cutting chores done without breaking a sweat.  You can pick one up here on our website.  After you do, let us know what you think down below.


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  1. I just bought an 808 yesterday. I am very impressed with the knife. Very smooth deployment the only thing im not thrilled with, is the lack of jimping on this knife. Other than that its a very sweet knife to add to the collection.

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