Benchmade Harley Davidson T-Rod Fixed Blade Knife

Benchmade recently released the Harley Davidson T-Rod Knife.  This amazing knife is actually two fixed blade knives in one.  When I first heard about it, I was a little concerned.  It seems that knives along this line generally end up more gimmicky than functional.  I stand corrected.  We just got the 13450 in stock as well as the 13450BK (which is the black tactical blade version) and the T-Rod is the real deal.  When you first pull it out of the box, it feels comfortable in your hand.  The blade has a great shape to it and the knife works like a good fixed blade should.  My favorite part is how comfortable the handle is.  Then, you push the button on the side of the handle and the blade swings smoothly out to the Push Dagger configuration.  It isn’t an automatic, but you can press the button and flick your wrist and the blade will move smoothly over to the other configuration.  The button then locks it into place as a Push Dagger.  This is one extremely well made knife and the cool factor can’t be denied.  It is a Harley Davidson knife, it is built by Benchmade, and it works as a fixed blade or a push dagger.  Check out the T-Rod and you will be impressed.

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