Benchmade H&K Auto Knives

Just in–4 new variations of the Benchmade H&K Automatic knives. And restock of a bunch that had been sold out for a few days. These can be found on our website,, under the Benchmade link or under the H&K link. Of special note, are the HK 14700 and the 14750. These both have the drop point as seen in the picture. They both also come in black oxide wash blade or in the stainless blade. And then you can get a plain edge or with part serrated. These are great auto knives. The action is good. They lock up tight. And they are durable. Just what you would expect from a Benchmade knife. The H&K line is one to watch–many of the knives are priced near $100.00–for a top notch auto knife that is a steal of a deal.

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