Benchmade Lone Wolf Hardaway Knife Review

Benchmade Lone Wolf Hardway 40033
Benchmade Lone Wolf Hardway 40033
Benchmade Lone Wolf Hardway 40033

Back in October of 2010, Benchmade Knife Company bought Lone Wolf Knives.  Shortly after the purchase, Benchmade rolled out their Lone Wolf Knives line that focus on outdoor activities.  These knives are built in collaboration with professional sportsmen to function exactly how you need them to function.  They are built with modern materials and the highest attention to the details both in construction and design.  They are built so you can depend on them when it really matters.  As they say, “THIS IS YOUR KNIFE”.

The  Hardway 40033-100 Skinner knife is a skeletonized skinner knife built from N680  stainless steel.  N680 is a special chromium-molybdenum conventionally produced stainless steel that has vanadium and nitrogen added to give it even more corrosion resistance–especially with exposure to salt water.  It has a very high wear resistance and it keeps an edge very well.  As you can see, it is the perfect stainless steel for the outdoorsman.  Built to perform in dry or wet conditions, this knife is going to keep its edge so you can get the job done.

The drop point plain edge blade has a great curve to it that allows you to make the cuts you need.  It also has an exaggerated thumb ramp with jimping on the spine to give you a solid grip.  With the skeletonized frame, the knife is stripped down to the bare minimum to save you weight when you are out on a long trip.

The knife also comes with a nylon snap sheath for easy carry.  The sheath has a Kydex style insert that keeps the blade safe and secure no matter where or how you carry the knife.

An extremely comfortable, lightweight skinner that can handle heavy work, the Hardway 40033 is a knife that every outdoorsman will be pleased with.

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