BlackJack Knives

Just last week, we got the new BlackJack knives into stock.  These are knives designed by Darrel Ralph, who is well known in the knife world as a top notch knife designer.  The BlackJack knives we put into stock are all from the Model 1 and Model 3 series.  These knives are quite impressive despite their low cost.  When I began working with one, I immediately noticed that they are similar in style and feel to the old spring assisted Camillus knives.  The Model 1 series has a block pattern handle and the Model 3 has a basic “criss cross” type imprint.  Both models come in either a black or stainless steel color blade with a plain edge or partial serrations.  These are basic, entry level spring assist knives that are built durable enough to get the job done–whatever the job may be.

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