Bradley Kimura Butterfly Knives

Bradley has quietly been carving out a well deserved position of respect for quality and great prices within the world of butterfly knives.  Their recently released Kimura II, III and IV knives continue on their tradition of producing high quality butterfly knives at a mid range price.  For many years, butterfly knife buyers had really only two options.  You could spend under $50.00 and get a butterfly knife that would perform fine but would not be made of the highest quality materials.  Or, you could spend over $200.00 and buy a top notch butterfly knife that performed amazingly well and was of the best materials available.  But for a long time it seemed there was nothing in the middle, as far as price and quality.
Along came Bradley with their Kimura Butterfly Knife.  They have nicely filled this niche with a high quality butterfly knife that performs like the best of the best but comes at an under $100.00 price.  The Kimura II, III and IV knives are all the same knife with a different blade shape.
These knives are made to perform.  From their smooth action to their ideal weight, the Kimura Butterfly has it all.  And then, they are easy on the wallet.  Instead of shelling out $200 or even $300 for a butterfly knife, these Kimura Butterfly knives are available for less than $100. 
Each of these knives has a blade made of 14C28N Stainless Steel.  The handles are skeletonized and made of 410 stainless steel.  And they move just like you want your butterfly to move.  Nice and smooth. 
To commemerate these spectacular butterfly knives, Bradley has come out with a limited edition Kimura.  Each of the three knives was produced in a high polish run of 100.  Each of them are serial numbered.  If you want to get a knife that is sure to become a collector’s delight, pick up one of these limited edition Kimura Butterfly knives.  Or, if you absolutely can’t resist, get a full set of three with matching serial numbers.
Whether you go with a limited edition Kimura butterfly or one of regular Kimura butterfly knives, once you start performing your tricks with your new butterfly knife you will quickly see and feel the difference a great butterfly knife makes.

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