Carbon Fiber Knife Handles

Knife Handle Materials — Carbon Fiber

A carbon fiber knife handle is now widely available for this oldest of tools known to humankind. Carbon fiber is one of the greatest modern manufactured materials. It is made from strands of carbon woven then bonded together with resin to create a strong, light and beautiful material. There are many reasons to choose carbon fiber as a knife handle material.

Carbon looks high tech and is eye catching because the weave of the fibers catches the light. Not only does it look neat, it is customizable and can be crafted to spec with different tones, sizes of the fiber weave and color.

Strength to weight ratio
Carbon is very light weight. Carbon is lighter than many, if not all metals. This lightness will help make a load less burdensome, which means the knife with the carbon handle is the one most likely to be carried. A carbon handle can be textured and shaped, making it easier (and safer) to grip when wet.
Yet despite the light weight, carbon is extremely strong. It is strong enough that it has become the most popular frame material for high end racing bicycles, is widely used in the aerospace and race car industries, and is a standard material for prosthetic parts for someone who has lost a limb. This strength will ensure durability of a knife handle.

Carbon is very stiff
Carbon’s stiffness means that force applied will transfer directly to the blade. It is used in sporting goods when stiffness is required, like in soles of running shoes, and boat shells for competitive rowing. The stiffness is prized by racing cyclists. This efficient power transfer means less energy is expended by athletes using items with carbon, and this is also be true for a knife user. But despite the stiffness, carbon is also forgiving. It will reduce fatigue in the user’s hands.

Improved manufacturing
Though carbon has historically been a higher budget item, improved manufacturing has reduced the price point. Carbon knife handle crafting has become a popular endeavor, allowing folks to fully personalize their knives. The use of wood, bone and metals for knife handles has always been an important craft in history and in lore, and now it is possible to work with carbon. Carbon is the most modern, strong and stiff material with the best strength to weight ratio,created by humankind. Carbon is here to stay as a knife handle material. Watch for continued innovations.

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