Spyderco Autonomy Auto

Five Fantastic Automatic Knives

An automatic knife makes for the perfect every day carry knife, really one of the only drawbacks to carrying an automatic is how strict the laws are. Before purchasing an automatic knife, or a switchblade as they are commonly known, double check to guarantee what your state’s laws are. There are thousands of automatic knives on the market, making it hard to narrow down what … Continue reading Five Fantastic Automatic Knives

Gerber Propel Automatic

Gerber Propel Automatic Knife Review

Gerber Legendary Blades was started by Joseph R Gerber. This company started out as a small batch of handmade knife sets in 1939. Within the next twenty years, Gerber became one of the most reliable knife companies in the business. Gerber’s mission is to design knives that pull in quality materials and groundbreaking designs. Their knives are built to last a lifetime. Gerber not only … Continue reading Gerber Propel Automatic Knife Review

Microtech Tri-Grip Ultratech Review

Microtech has always been held as a great name in the knife industry. Established in 1994 near Vero Beach, Florida, Microtech has been a powerhouse in the industry. Their mission, “To make the best possible knives.” Anthony Marfione, the founder of Microtech, has an objective to ensure that each customer will receive the best quality knife. Constantly creating durable, quality knives, Microtech has made many … Continue reading Microtech Tri-Grip Ultratech Review

SOG Tan Spec Elite 1 BladeOps Exclusive Announcement–Coming Soon

  Look up the term “Renaissance man” and you may find a picture of Spencer Frazer, founder of SOG Specialty Knives & Tools. The company takes its name from a U.S. Special Operations unit from the early 1960s known as the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam–Studies and Observations Group, or MACV-SOG, a covert joint services unit that incorporated members of four armed forces branches. Along with … Continue reading SOG Tan Spec Elite 1 BladeOps Exclusive Announcement–Coming Soon

ProTech Desert Sand Tactical Response Auto Knife

The ProTech TR3.31 boasts the new desert sand anodized handle that ProTech has been producing over the past few years.  I picked up one of these ProTech knives with a tanto point about two years ago with the Desert Sand anodize finish.  At the time, it was a limited run offering. Since then, I have carried the knife for about 150 days of hard, daily use.  It … Continue reading ProTech Desert Sand Tactical Response Auto Knife

OTF Automatic Switchblade Lighter

Several years ago we carried a Switchblade Lighter that had a small OTF blade as well.  We were just able to pick up a new shipment of these in both a black and silver handle models.  These fantastic little conversation pieces have decent action and a refillable butane lighter.  The knife blade isn’t anything to write home about–in fact, it probably maxes out as a … Continue reading OTF Automatic Switchblade Lighter

Kershaw Launch 1 Auto Knife — Quick Review

The Kershaw Launch 1 Auto knife has now been out for a couple of months.  Here are my thoughts on the knife so far. First, the action is incredible.  This is the first thing you will notice upon firing the Launch 1–it opens fast and hard.  At BladeOps, we check every single knife before sending it out to our customers (unless it is in fully … Continue reading Kershaw Launch 1 Auto Knife — Quick Review

Benchmade Automatic APB Knife Review

Benchmade continues to produce industry leading knives with the serious attention to detail that sets them apart from much of the competition.  The newest knife in their lineup is the APB or Ambidextrous Push Button knife.  This knife redefines the trigger on an automatic knife making it equally easy to reach from the right or left side–because cutting tasks don’t always come from the same … Continue reading Benchmade Automatic APB Knife Review