Boker Subcom

Boker Knives and Two Boker Plus Knives

Böker Knives began in Germany during the 17th century. The company originally focused on swords and didn’t move on to design blades until the 1800’s. If you go back and look at the company’s books, they will tell you that by 1839 Böker was producing around 2000 Sabres a week for various wars. In the 1960’s, the company had migrated into North America; however, they … Continue reading Boker Knives and Two Boker Plus Knives

Boker Plus Decade Edition Knives

Boker is celebrating 10 years with their Boker Plus line of knives.  The newest arrivals are the Nano and the Subcom.  An interesting fact is the Subcom knife, designed by Chad Los Banos, is the very knife that launched the entire Boker Plus line. These special Decade Edition knives are being produced with carbon fiber handle scales and two tone VG-10 blades.  Each model will … Continue reading Boker Plus Decade Edition Knives

Presenting the Boker Damascus Kwaiken Flipper Knife

The Boker Kwaiken has been one of the most popular knife models in the past couple years.  This extremely well designed flipper boasts a sleek look that is comfortable in the hand.  It has excellent action.  Now, for the first time, you can get the Kwaiken with a Damascus blade on our website.  This is an exclusive first run available only at BladeOps. Here is … Continue reading Presenting the Boker Damascus Kwaiken Flipper Knife

Nice Hare, by B.C.

Last year I was out in the country with a couple buddies of mine and we were hunting deer. We had waited almost the whole day and hadn’t seen a thing accept for some wild dogs. Then we called it quits and started walking back to the truck. But I wasn’t going home empty handed after being out for 5+ hours and not so much … Continue reading Nice Hare, by B.C.