Frank Beltrame Swing Guard Automatic Knives

Swing Guard knives are the classic old knives that swing open from the side when a button is pressed.  As the blade “swings” into place, a crosspiece that is set on a pivot also swings open and then acts as a cross guard to protect your hand from slipping up off the handle and onto the blade. 
  We just put into stock several different 11″ swingguard knives from Frank Beltrame.  Each of these Italian beauties is built in Frank Beltrame’s shop and then assembled by hand. These Italian built knives are top quality construction. We have a variety of materials available including just a few with abalone shell handles.  Some of the other knives have bone handles, buffalo horn, and blond horn just to name a few.  They also come in a variety of blades.  The majority of the items we just got into stock have an extended bayonet style blade and some are even have a black tactical teflon coat.

Frank Beltrame Swinguards

Just yesterday we recieved several styles of 11″ Swinguard knives from Frank Beltrame.  These knives are absolutely amazing.  Two of the styles have Kriss blades and two of them have Half Grind or bayonet style blades.  One of the Bayonet style blades has filework all the way down the spine and about 1/3 of the way up the actual blade.  Get them quick because these are sure to sell out quickly.

AKC Leverletto Knives

We just got two styles of Frank Beltrame Leverletto’s into stock.  These are actually produced for him by AKC.  These Bill DeShivs Leverletto knives have great action and are made with some amazing products.  The two styles we got into stock are made with either snakewood handles or with dark horn (buffalo).  One really neat thing about them is they have a set screw which you can turn and they become fully manual knives.  That way, if you prefer to have a manual knife or aren’t allowed to have an automatic, you meet the requirements. 

Knife Category: Leverletto
Blade Style: Flat Grind
Action: Automatic open, manual close
Blade Length: 3″
Open Length: 7 5/8″
Closed Length: 4 7/16″
Weight: 3.5 Ounces
Handle Thickness: 5/8″
Handle Width: 3/4″
Handle Material: Snakewood

Frank Beltrame B-Stealth Tactical Automatic Knife

Frank Beltrame is well known for his fantastic knives.  Classic Italian automatic knives.  Slim and well built are words that always come to mind when I see his products.  Just recently we got some side open automatics that are different from his usual fare.  He calls them his B-Stealth auto knives.  These are really pretty fantastic automatic knives.  Made with G-10 scales for the handles, they open fast and are sturdy.  An interesting variation from a master knife maker.

Frank B. Knives

We have been able to get a bunch of Frank Beltrame auto knives into stock recently.  If you are a fan of old style automatic knives these are absolutely the best around.  The workmanship is top notch.  The springs on these knives are solid.  And the variety of materials that the handles are available in are fantastic.  We have a mix of automatic stiletttos as well as swinguards.  We just got one Mother of Pearl handle that is amazing.  There are also some honey horn swingguards that I think are absolutely fantastic.  Check them out on our site.