Gerber Propel Automatic

Gerber Propel Automatic Knife Review

Gerber Legendary Blades was started by Joseph R Gerber. This company started out as a small batch of handmade knife sets in 1939. Within the next twenty years, Gerber became one of the most reliable knife companies in the business. Gerber’s mission is to design knives that pull in quality materials and groundbreaking designs. Their knives are built to last a lifetime. Gerber not only … Continue reading Gerber Propel Automatic Knife Review

Spyderco Native 5 40th Anniversary Model

When a company sets out to create a special-edition product to celebrate a milestone anniversary in its progress from startup to success, the result typically aims for the combination of special high-grade materials, either in an all-new design or in a command-performance version of a time-tested, popular offering. As Spyderco’s 40th year in business arrives, the company has done just that in creating the model … Continue reading Spyderco Native 5 40th Anniversary Model

Benchmade 2551 Mini Reflex II Knife Review

The Benchmade Mini-Reflex II introduces a new, improved, and updated edition of the enduringly popular Benchmade Mini-Reflex, Benchmade’s best selling automatic knife. Within the Benchmade Black Series, aimed at professional and those who treat a knife as a serious investment in everyday utility, the Mini-Reflex II can excel at tactical tasks as well as serving as an everyday carry.   Blade Profile   The Benchmade … Continue reading Benchmade 2551 Mini Reflex II Knife Review

Piranha Virus Automatic Knife

Piranha just released their newest automatic knife, the Virus.  This slim auto knife features lightning fast action, excellent quality materials and top notch US production quality. The first thing that grabs your eye about the Virus is its slim profile.  At just 7/8″ wide at the widest spot on the handle, the knife takes up nearly none of your valuable Pocket Real Estate™.  The slim … Continue reading Piranha Virus Automatic Knife

Benchmade H&K Turmoil OTF Knife Review

Benchmade has been producing H&K knives for quite some time.  The newest Out the Front automatic from Benchmade in the H&K line is the Turmoil.  Built to the exacting specifications of any Benchmade knife, the Turmoil boasts fast action, quality materials and seriously tight tolerances. The D2 blade is built for heavy duty applications.  While the Benchmade website describes D2 as, “An air-hardened tool steel, … Continue reading Benchmade H&K Turmoil OTF Knife Review

Cold Steel 5.5″ Talwar Knife Review

The Cold Steel XL Talwar knife derives its shape and style from the curved south Asian sword that shares the name.  The talwar originated in the Persian and Indian confluence area alongside other curved swords such as the saif, the shamshir, the kilij and the pulwar.  The British Pattern 1796 light cavalry sabre even takes many of its cues from the talwar. A classic talwar has … Continue reading Cold Steel 5.5″ Talwar Knife Review

Benchmade Stryker II Axis Knife Review

The Benchmade Drop Point Stryker II AXIS knife features black textured G10 handle scales and a 154CM stainless steel blade.  Even more notable is the addition of the AXIS® locking mechanism, taking a great knife to even greater heights. The 908 series feature drop point blades of 154CM stainless steel.  Long coveted as a superior knife blade steel, 154CM is an American made premium grade … Continue reading Benchmade Stryker II Axis Knife Review

Benchmade HK 14715BK AXIS Knife Review

The AXIS® is back.  Benchmade has put the AXIS® locking mechanism back into the Heckler and Koch® line with the impressive 14715BK knife. The HK 14715BK continues in the tradition of practical design coupled with quality that has made HK an industry leader in manufacturing products for military and law enforcement.  For their edged tools, Heckler and Koch® has teamed up with Benchmade Knives to produce … Continue reading Benchmade HK 14715BK AXIS Knife Review

Kershaw Emerson CQC-2K Knife Review

The Kershaw Emerson collaboration series features classic Emerson style knives with the production quality of a Kershaw.  With the release of the CQC-2K stinger knife, you get a quick deploying blade, a comfortable handle that ensures a solid grip, as well as a unique opening system. The 2 3/4″ blade on this knife boasts a modified clip point with a slight recurve.  The recurve makes pull … Continue reading Kershaw Emerson CQC-2K Knife Review

Kershaw Select Fire Knife Review — Quick Review

The Kershaw Select Fire features a big, bold blade and several useful bits that come in handy when you least expect it.  Designed by Grant and Gavin Hawk, this handy tool isn’t the run of the mill multi tool that gives you a bunch of finicky tools you will never use. First and foremost, this is a knife.  The manual open classic style drop point blade … Continue reading Kershaw Select Fire Knife Review — Quick Review