Brous Blades 2nd Generation Silent Soldier Neck Knife Review

Brous Blades Silent Soldier
Brous Blades Silent Soldier

Doing an inventory last week and we found these sweet neck knives from Brous Blades that never made it into our inventory for some reason.  So, in light of the fact we found 12 of them, I decided to review this knife.  Brous Blades hit the knife market with a bang a couple years back and hasn’t stopped wowing his followers ever since.  The very first knives of his that we carried were Silent Soldier neck knives.

After the first run of these popular neck knives sold out, he decided to make a few adjustments to the design and came out with the 2nd Generation of Silent Soldier neck knives.  This V1 style features a Wharncliffe style blade along with two finger holes and an extended finger choil for your finger.

There are actually 7 different grips with which you can hold the Silent Soldier V1 knife. Built from one machined piece of D2 tool steel, this every day carry tool allows you to get nearly any cutting done as well as doubling as a formidable self defense tool.  It comes in a kydex sheath with a belt clip, but if you remove the belt clip, you can attach the included black bead neck chain and carry it around your neck.

Built with the attention to detail you would expect from any Brous product, the handle has small patches of jimping right where you need them to get a nice, solid grip on the knife.  It also has the Brous Blades name on the spine–which I think makes a really nice neck knife into a classy, really nice neck knife.

If you want a neck knife that will last for generations with proper care, get the Brous Blades Neck Knife.  You can find all of our current stock here on our website.

Here is a nice video comparing the V1 from Generation 1 and Generation 2.  The video depicts the satin finished version instead of the black finished version we have in stock–but the style is the same.



  •  Overall Length: 4.625″
  • Blade Length: 2.33″
  • Blade Thickness: .187″
  • Blade: Steel: D2
  • Blade Type: Wharncliffe Fixed Blade
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • Grind: V
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.

Now introducing….Survive! Knives

SKGSO5.0TBKCSurvive! knives have quickly become one of the most popular and highly sought after knife brands on the market today. Specializing in high-end fixed blades and neck knives, Survive! knives have quickly caught the attention of many knife enthusiasts, but especially those who are big proponents of outdoor/survivalist knives.

SKGSO4.1BMM390CYBased out of Pennsylvania, Survive! knives owner Guy Seiferd stands behind his products 100% and offers a lifetime warranty just like many of the big manufacturers today. These elite fixed blades offer a wealth of options including bow drill divots, ferro notches, different micarta handle colors and even sheath colors. For blade steel they are utilizing mostly CPM 3V and even CPM 20CV–both offering superior edge retention, corrosion resistance and great impact strength for even the toughest of applications–just like a true fixed blade should be.

SKGSO5.1TBRBRThe most recent knives to hit our shelves has been the 6.75″ blade 7/7 model which is only just the 5th production model to be released from Survive! knives. Previously we have seen the necker knife, the 4.1 model, the 5 model and finally the 5.1 model. The model numbers due in fact correlate with the blade size so make sure you keep an eye out for future models such as the necker II, the 3.5 model, the 6 model and even the 10 model.

SKNECKBLKSKGSO7.7TBKBKAll in all, Survive! fixed blades have without a doubt earned their place in the knife industry and its exciting to see the demand grow for these almost on a weekly basis. To find out more information on Survive! knives feel free to visit them at and to check out the lastest selection here at BladeOps, make sure to click here

Brous Blades 2nd Generation Silent Soldier Neck Knives

Gen 2 Brous Blades Silent Soldier
Gen 2 Brous Blades Silent Soldier

Just in, we have two variations of the 2nd Generation Silent Soldier Neck knives from Brous Blades.  These are high quality, D2 steel neck knives that are built to perform.  They come with a fantastic sheath.  Check them out on the website.

The TOPS Knives Thumb Nail Knife is one of the best little knives we have found on the market.  This knife is great for your survival kit, your backpack, or wherever you may find yourself.  Great grip, comfortable to hold, the blade shape gives you lots of cutting power.  Comes with a Kydex sheath. 


O/A Length: 3 1/4″
Blade Length: 1″
Thickness: 1/8″
Steel: 440C RC 58-60 Cryo Treaded
Blade Color: Sand Blast Finish
Country of Origin: USA

Cold Steel Point Guard Knife, Plain Edge, 49FP

The Cold Steel Point Guard knife, inspired by a Fred Perrin designed custom knife is an incredibly thin, flat knife.  Extremely light, the Point Guard knife comes with a Secure-Ex sheath.  Made specifically for your hand, this knife is made so you can use the shortened pistol grip comfortably.  The G-10 scales and the skeletonized style make it almost unbelievably light.  This is one of the better neck knives we have seen on the market.  It can also be carried in a pocket, on a belt or even on a leg strap. 

Name: Point Guard Plain Edge
Blade Length: 4″
Overall Length: 6 3/4″
Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless
Weight: 2.8 oz
Handle: 2 3/4″ Long G-10
Sheath: Secure-Ex® Neck Sheath

Cold Steel Mini Tac Series

Cold Steel has dedicated themselves to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the world.  Since 1980, they have been producing high quality knives that serve specific as well as general needs for knife users.  One of their knife lines, the Mini Tac Series, are neck knives.  These knives are all light and come with a Secure Ex sheath.  Each one can be worn on a neck chain or you can carry them on a belt or almost anywhere else you can think of. 
The Cold Steel Mini Tac Knives may be some of the smaller knives that you come across, but they perform just like a full size knife.  Their blade lengths range from 3″ all the way up to 3 3/4″.  What does this mean to you?  It means that even though your Mini Tac knife is small–you aren’t giving up any blade real estate.  These knives are each made with a shorter handle than a normal knife, but this doesn’t affect your ability to hold and use your Mini Tac Knife.  As you can see in the picture of the Mini Tac Kiridashi knife above, these knives are made with a comfortable spot for your forefinger. These knives are flat and sport a full tang.  Beacuse of these design features, the Mini Tac knives are amazingly easy to hold onto and don’t roll or twist in your hand.  If you haven’t tried a Cold Steel knife, a Mini Tac might be a great intro knife into their amazingly full line of high quality, well built knives.  But be warned, once you get your first Cold Steel knife, it is hard to stop.  They are addictive.

Cold Steel Mini Tac Beaver Tail Knife

We just got into stock a bunch of new Cold Steel knives that will be showing up in the next few days.  The first one I put into the system was the Mini Tac Beaver Tail.  This is sure to be an extremely popular knife.  When we first get knives, we typically order just a few of them to make sure they are the kind of product we want to sell at  I have generally liked everything that Cold Steel makes.  They make an extremely durable and strong product with a specific market in mind. 
The Mini Tac Beaver Tail knife is incredible.  It is small enough to carry on a neck chain (provided). Or you can carry it in your pocket–or really just about anywhere since it is so small.  The blade shape is unique, and extremely useful.  But the all time best thing about this knife is the handle.  It is short, but shaped so that it feels like a big size knife in your hand.  Some small knives, you grab onto them and you feel as if they are too small to do anything with.  The Mini Tac Beaver Tail gives you a ton a control.  It has a specially designed finger spot for your forefinger which gives you all kinds of control of the knife.  Made with G-10 handle scales, the knife is a full tang design which increases it’s strength.
This is a great little knife for nearly any situation.