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 Smith and Wesson Military and Police 1S Assist Knife

One Day Sale on the Smith and Wesson Military and Police 1S Assist Knife.  This lightning fast assist knife boasts a 2.9″ combo edge drop point stainless steel blade.  Special One Day Price good until midnight MST time 9/15/14, get yours before they are all gone.  No coupons, no rainchecks and invalid where prohibited by law.

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BladeOps One Day Sale on Smith & Wesson SWATL


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  Smith & Wesson SWATL Assist Knife


The Smith & Wesson large SWAT assist knife boasts a drop point blade that snaps out auto fast with a pull on the spine trigger.  Anodized aluminum handles with grip tape inserts give this full size assist knife plenty of grip.  Built for heavy use, you can pick up the SWATL for just $25 shipped–over half off the MSRP.  Limited supply, so get yours before they sell out.

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BladeOps, LLC, 1352 West 7800 South, West Jordan, UT 84088

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Smith & Wesson SWATL Assist Knife Review

Smith & Wesson SWATL
Smith & Wesson SWATL assist knife

The Smith & Wesson SWAT knives have been delighting knife lovers for quite some time.  Built with the MAGIC assist mechanism, these assist knives blast open with some serious force.

The 3.7″ stainless steel drop point blade gives you a serious blade for serious cutting chores.  The blade opens with the ambidextrous thumb studs.  Or, better yet, you can open the blade with the spine flipper.  The blade snaps out as fast as most automatic knives.  Lock up is nice and tight with a well constructed liner lock.  When the blade is open, you can slide the safety on the front handle scale which then locks the blade in the open position, giving you extra blade security when making heavy cuts.

The handle is anodized aluminum with a natural silver color.  This is nicely accented with grip tape inserts which give you amazing grip on the already comfortably ergonomic handle.  There is mild jimping in all the usual places.  The butt of the handle boasts a countersunk lanyard hole for alternate carry.

The pocket clip is extra wide.  Set in the tip down, right hand carry position, the clip is removable, but not reversible.

This full size assist knife is perfect for anyone looking for a big, well built, durable knife for daily carry and heavy use.  I especially like the blade open speed.  A classic shaped knife under the Smith & Wesson banner.  Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Check it out here on our website.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police 2 Assist Knife Review — Snapshot Review

Smith & Wesson MP2
Smith & Wesson Military & Police 2 Assist Knife

Today’s review is a blast from the past.  The SWMP2 spring assist knife features the MAGIC assist system.  MAGIC (Multipurpose Assisted Generational Innovative Cutlery) uses a spine trigger that when pulled activates the blade.  The blade snaps out extremely fast. The handle is built form 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum.

This knife was originally built with three different variations.  The 1, the 2 and the 3.  The difference between the 1,2 and 3 series was in the handle and blade shape.   Each number in the series had several blade styles and finishes available as well as a few different color handles available–which meant there were around 20 different variations in the first three knives of the series.  Part of the Military & Police line from Smith & Wesson, these knives are built with the modern warrior in mind.  Tough, durable and easy to use are top requirements–and the SWMP2 definitely fits the bill.

The stainless steel blade boasts a unique reverse tanto blade style with a “rhino” bend in the blade.  The unique shape allows you to get a good angle with extra leverage on certain push cuts.  The reverse tanto shape gives you maximum strength at the tip of the blade because the spine stays thick nearly to the end of the blade.  The blade is easy to sharpen and keeps a good edge.  I used mine heavily for three months and needed to sharpen it twice during that period of time.  To sharpen, I use a Spyderco Sharpmaker and was able to get a great edge on the blade each time.

The blade locks open with a very solid liner lock.  Closing the knife is a two hand affair with one hand depressing the liner lock and the other pushing the blade closed.  As you bring the blade nearly to the closed position, you can feel the spring begin to compress.  Not difficult to close, but it is interesting how strong the spring really is.

The handle has loads of texture including several slanted grooves and ridges as well as six “wave scallops” in the opposite direction which keep your hand from slipping when things get wet and slippery.  The butt of the handle has a small glass breaker which will definitely get the job done.  On the front of the handle a slide safety keeps the blade from opening or closing when engaged.  When it is “live” the safety shows a red dot.  The right handed tip up pocket clip is removable if you prefer no clip.  The handle is relatively slim which means it doesn’t hog up tons of pocket real estate™.

This is a durable, well built assist knife with great action.  Solid materials and good construction means this knife will perform under the harshest of conditions.  Find your SWMP2 here on our site and let me know what you think of yours down below.


  • Handle: T6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Blade: 2.9″ (7.4 cm), Tanto
  • Closed: 4.2″ (10.7 cm)
  • Steel: Stainless
  • Weight: 4.1 oz.
  • Made in Taiwan

Smith & Wesson Military & Police 9 Tanto Knives — Video Review

I have carried the 3, the 4 and the 6 in the SWMP series.  Every single one of them has been great.  The 9 seems to be another great addition to a fantastic line of assist knives from Smith & Wesson.  Check out the video review below:

Smith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Knives, 10″ Model — Quick Review

Smith and Wesson TK10
Smith and Wesson TK10; set of 3 – 10 inch throwing knives

Looking for some great throwing knives?  Check out our Smith and Wesson set of 3 throwing knives.  They measure 10″ each and are built from 2Cr13 stainless steel.  Comes in a nylon sheath with a belt or strap loop for carry.

What makes these knives so great?  There are basically three different styles of throwing knives; blade heavy throwers, handle heavy throwers, and balanced throwers.  Whichever end is the heaviest on a throwing knife is the end thrown first.  So a blade heavy throwing knife is held by the handle and thrown blade first.  Opposite for a handle heavy.  Balanced throwers can be thrown either end first and they typically have a faster rate of rotation–which makes it easier to adjust your turn rate when you throw them.  These Smith and Wesson throwing knives are weighted just about in the center with a very slight bias to the handle.  This makes them great for nearly all styles of throwers.

These throwers have a slot in both the handle and the blade that makes the weighting just right.  They also have a hole just behind the center of gravity.  The blade is not sharp along the edges and narrow to a wide dagger point.  The point isn’t sharp enough to actually cut paper but is plenty sharp from the point to about an inch down the blade on both sides to stick into whatever target you throw the knife at.

2Cr13 stainless steel is comparable to 420 stainless steel.  It is highly stain and corrosion resistant which makes it perfect for a knife that is going to be used outside frequently.  As with any throwing knife, your knives are sometimes going to miss and hit the dirt, grass, or whatever else is around.  This means that depending on where you are, they are going to be exposed to some moisture.  So 2Cr13 stainless steel is perfect for these knives.  They are also extremely thick.  At 5/16″ thick, these knives have some serious heft, which I like.  It makes for a substantial throw.  As opposed to some really small throwers which sometimes feel too light, these knives weigh in at 4.8 ounces each.

I love my Smith and Wesson throwing knives.  If you want a set of solid throwers that are perfect for heavy outdoor use, get yourself a set and let me know what you think.


  • Overall Length: 10″
  • Blade Steel: 2Cr13
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Weight: 4.8 Ounces (Each Knife)


Smith and Wesson 911B First Response Rescue Knife — Quick Review

Smith and Wesson 911B
Smith and Wesson 911B First Response Rescue Knife

Today’s quick review is the 911B First Response Rescue Knife from Smith and Wesson Knives.  This fantastic assist knife is built with the emergency rescue worker in mind.  To start with, the knife uses the MAGIC assisted opening system which snaps blades out extremely fast.  Just give the blade a quick start by pulling on the spine activator.  The blade comes out and locks up very solid.

The blade is a modified, recurved tanto blade.  Here is why–the tanto point allows you to slide the blade under a seatbelt and then “catch” it with the recurved portion as you pull the blade back towards yourself.  This movement cuts the seatbelt and releases the person you are working with.  There is a slide safety on the front of the handle to keep the blade locked closed when you want it to stay that way.  This knife is easy to open with one hand if the need arises–which makes it ideal for emergency personnel.

The knife also features a spring loaded glass breaker tip.  To activate it, you simply pull out on a tab which releases the spring loaded tip to smash into whatever windshield you are trying to break out.  This is perfect for difficult situations where the person to be aided is not accessible through normal methods.

This knife has been around for some time.  At just under $50, it is a steal of a deal for a rescue knife.  Check out the Smith and Wesson First Response knife here.

For your viewing pleasure I have included this older video from our YouTube files:



  • • Overall Length (inches): 8.30
  • • Blade Length (inches): 3.50
  • • Blade Material: Stainless, Black
  • • Blade Detail: ComboEdge
  • • Handle Material: Nylon
  • • Lock Style: Button Lock
  • • Carry System: Pocket Clip
  • • Special Features: Glass Breaker

Best Assisted Opening Knives under $50

What are some of the best assisted opening knives?  We get that question quite a bit here at BladeOps.  So I thought I would address the question in today’s blog entry.

There are several questions that must be addressed when looking for the best assisted opening knife.  First, how much do you want to spend on your new knife.  A $20 knife is priced lower than a $200 knife for a reason.  But, it is possible, that for you, the $20 knife is the exact one that will meet all your needs.  Or to paraphrase Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, if you get that knife, all your wildest dreams will come true.

Today, let’s look at some really great assist knives in the under $50 range.  Several brands come to mind immediately.  Smith & Wesson, Schrade, Kershaw as well as CRKT to name just a few.  Which are the best?

SWMP3BD Assist Knife
SWMP3BD Assist Knife Tan Handle, Black Tanto Blade

Smith and Wesson has a Military and Police line of assist knives that are absolutely fantastic.  Each one uses the MAGIC assist system which has been delighting knife users for several years.  About three years ago, I carried the SWMP3 for about six months.  I used it to cut everything from boxes to ABS sprinkler pipe.  I even cut sod with it once when I ended up at a neighbor’s house helping him do some yard work and didn’t have anything else on hand.  I abused the living daylights out of that little assist knife and never heard a complaint.  It has a slide safety on the front that was always dependable.  There are several different models and tons of variations available.  Check them all the SWMP Assist Knives here.  Models 1-3 are the smaller size and 4-6 are larger.  These are dependable, tough, and durable knives that you can carry with confidence.

Schrade 6 Assist Knife
Schrade 6 Assist Knife

Schrade Assist Knives also use the MAGIC system to open.  Very dependable, these knives are available in a wide variety of blade and handle styles.  If you want a knife that has a sleek, modern look you could check out the SCHA5 series.  If you prefer a beefy, military style handle and blade the SCHA6 series might be more to your liking.  I carried a SCHA3 for a couple of months last year and was impressed most by the reliability.  At the time, it was winter which meant I didn’t use it in quite the same abusive way that I used my S&W–it mostly was used for cutting boxes and opening small packages.  The 5 and 6 series are both new this year.  With the limited lifetime warranty, anodized aluminum handles and AUS 8 blade steel, the Schrade Assist knives are a great choice in the under $50 range.  They also make a couple of Out the Front Assist Knives that are probably worth looking at if you would like an OTF.

CRKT Moxie Assist Knife
CRKT Moxie Assist Knife

CRKT has been making knives since 1994–and they have made a whole bunch of really great assist knives.  Two of my favorites are the Endorser and the Moxie.  They both use the OutBurst assist system–which is incredibly fast and dependable.  The Endorser opens with a thumb stud and has a more classic look and feel to it.  The Moxie opens the same way but has an overall outdoorsy feel to it.  They both use an interesting mechanism called the FireSafe.  The way it works is the thumb stud actually has a small mechanism at the top.  When you press the thumb stud down (toward the blade) it actuates and releases the blade so you can flick it forward and the spring of the OutBurst system takes over and snaps the blade open. I’m sure there is a more technical way to describe it, but that is my layman’s effort.  The system can take a few days getting used to, but after you have used it for a while you really begin to appreciate the extra blade security the FireSafe mechanism offers.  It makes it virtually impossible to have an accidental open in your pocket.  Check out these two great CRKT assist knives here.

Kershaw Cryo 1555TI
Kershaw Cryo 1555TI, Ti-Nitride Finish

Finally you have the Kershaw Assist knives.  My absolute favorites in the Kershaw line of assist knives are the Cryo and the Cryo II.  These knives are Rick Hinderer designs built with a flipper for easy open.  A beefy framelock keeps the blade open. At an under $40 price these knives offer an amazing amount of value.  I have the original Cryo and it is absolutely a fantastic knife.  If you want smaller, go with the Cryo.  If you prefer a bit bigger, get the Cryo II.  Both models are available in a classic stainless steel finish or with a Ti-Nitride finish.  Either way, you are going to be delighted.  To see the full line of Kershaw assist knives go here, or to see the Kershaw Cryo Assist knives look here.