Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 Knife Review

About three months ago I finally broke down and bought the Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 Knife for everyday carry.  I had to see what everyone was talking about.  I know they have been out for several years now, but I had never purchased one.  I’m glad I finally did.

Spyderco ParaMilitary 2
Spyderco ParaMilitary 2

First off, if you haven’t owned a Spyderco knife before, the quality of construction and the materials they use are superb.  The ParaMilitary 2 features a CPM S30V blade and G10 handle scales.  You can pick up the knife with the standard variations of blade finish, either black or satin. You can also choose between a few different G10 handle scales including the standard black or DigiCamo.  I went ahead and picked up the DigiCamo version with a black blade for a couple of reasons.  First, I have many knives with black handles and I was in the mood for something a bit different.  Second, I went with the black blade because I wanted to see how the black finish held up over time.  I’ll address that in a bit.

The very first thing you notice about the ParaMilitary 2 is the size.  It is the perfect size for everyday carry.  The handle measures just under 5″ at 4.81″, thickness is not quite 0.5″, and width is about 1.25″ at the widest points.  This means it fits great in the hand but doesn’t take up too much space in my pocket.

The very next thing I noticed was how easy it was to open and close.  The iconic SpyderHole makes the blade simple to one hand open with your thumb.  Unexpectedly, the blade is just as easy to close one handed.  Just press the spine compression lock with your finger and give the knife a little shake.  Voila, the blade closes up and you can put the knife right back in your pocket.  Since you are able to do everything with one hand, what the ParaMilitary really delivers is freedom, speed, and ease.  You are able to get more things done in a faster time period because you don’t have to use both hands to access and deploy your knife.  You don’t even need both hands to close it and put it away.

The blade opens smooth.  The ParaMilitary 2 uses the Bushing Pivot System.  What is this?  It’s a fancy name for smooth as silk, smooth as butter, smooth as a cat, smooth as … whatever you want to put in here next, it fits.  Take my word for it, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 opens smooth.   And once you have the blade deployed, the delight factor just keeps rising.

The blade delights with its classic Spyderco style and shape.  With a classic drop point blade curve on the cutting edge, the spine tapers down to a point to create a uniquely Spyderco look and style.  The SpyderHole has a steep thumb ramp behind it with fairly aggressive jimping.  When you hold the knife in the classic saber grip, your thumb is lined up right down the center of the blade to deliver maximum blade control and power.  I haven’t met a cut I don’t enjoy with my ParaMilitary 2 knife.  The sharp tip allows you to pierce everyday things with ease and the classic blade edge shape gives you serious cutting power.  The blade has classic flat grind which allows you to make slicing cuts with ease.  One of my concerns about the ParaMilitary 2 was the elongated shape of the tip.  I was nervous I would “tip” it (knife lingo for breaking the tip off your knife–generally happens when you aren’t using the knife blade to pry rather than cut).  I have used my knife hard over the past several months and have not broken the tip off.  In fact, we have sold hundreds if not thousands of these ParaMilitary 2 knives over the past few years and I haven’t heard of a single case where someone has broken the tip off.  So it appears my concerns were unfounded.  The blade has passed every hard use test I have put it through over the past few months with flying colors.

About a month ago, my oldest son was up visiting.  He saw I had the ParaMilitary 2 and asked if he could use it for a few days to see if he liked it.  I said sure and let him take my knife.  I have never missed one of my knives more. I tried carrying an older knife I used to carry.  It just wasn’t the ParaMilitary 2.  So after a week, I broke down and bought another one–this time with a black blade and a black handle.  Then I drove down to see my son and traded him the new one for my old, trusty Spyderco knife.

The knife carries good, cuts great, and is strong enough for hard work.  In my mind, the Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 is one of the best EDC knives on the market if you are looking for a mid sized folder that delivers.  Check it out, I’m glad I did.  By the way, the black finish on the blade still looks great.

Now introducing….Survive! Knives

SKGSO5.0TBKCSurvive! knives have quickly become one of the most popular and highly sought after knife brands on the market today. Specializing in high-end fixed blades and neck knives, Survive! knives have quickly caught the attention of many knife enthusiasts, but especially those who are big proponents of outdoor/survivalist knives.

SKGSO4.1BMM390CYBased out of Pennsylvania, Survive! knives owner Guy Seiferd stands behind his products 100% and offers a lifetime warranty just like many of the big manufacturers today. These elite fixed blades offer a wealth of options including bow drill divots, ferro notches, different micarta handle colors and even sheath colors. For blade steel they are utilizing mostly CPM 3V and even CPM 20CV–both offering superior edge retention, corrosion resistance and great impact strength for even the toughest of applications–just like a true fixed blade should be.

SKGSO5.1TBRBRThe most recent knives to hit our shelves has been the 6.75″ blade 7/7 model which is only just the 5th production model to be released from Survive! knives. Previously we have seen the necker knife, the 4.1 model, the 5 model and finally the 5.1 model. The model numbers due in fact correlate with the blade size so make sure you keep an eye out for future models such as the necker II, the 3.5 model, the 6 model and even the 10 model.

SKNECKBLKSKGSO7.7TBKBKAll in all, Survive! fixed blades have without a doubt earned their place in the knife industry and its exciting to see the demand grow for these almost on a weekly basis. To find out more information on Survive! knives feel free to visit them at www.surviveknives.com and to check out the lastest selection here at BladeOps, make sure to click here

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What is your favorite EDC?

Looking for the perfect every day carry knife (EDC) can be somewhat like choosing a pair of pants.  Everybody is looking for a fit that is comfortable and looks good.  When you go out to buy a new EDC knife, here are my ideas of a few things to focus in on. 
First, make sure you get the right size.  Just like a pair of jeans, if you get the wrong size, things will just not be right.  As you think about what you need your EDC for, what is the largest size blade you need, and what is the smallest size blade you can function with.  If you are going to just be opening boxes–a short Cali legal size blade (under 2″) will most likely be perfect for you.  If you are going to do some heavy duty, large scale cutting–you need to get a bigger blade.  By deciding the right size blade for your needs, you will immediately eliminate a whole bunch of knives from the discussion.  The last time I was deciding on a new EDC–about a month ago–I realized that for most of my needs, a small blade was preferable because it gets the jobs I need done as well as not taking up tons of real estate in my pocket.
Next, you should decide about blade material.  Do you want to step up to a nice, high quality steel blade like an S30V?  The different steel qualities will make a difference in how often you need to sharpen your blade as well as how sharp it will stay.  Here is a quick, down and dirty guide to blade steels:

S30V:  American made premium quality stainless steel created specifically for knife blades.  Powder made steel with extremely high corrosion resistance and keeps an edge.
154CM: American made premium quality stainless steel developed for industrial applications but used by many knife makers.  High corrosion resistance, high edge strength and ability to keep an edge.
D2:  Air hardened tool steel which serves for hard use situations.  Good corrosion resistance and very high in durability.
440C:  High chromium stainless steel with a good balance of corrosion resistance and hardness.  Takes an edge fairly easy.  Less expensive.
AUS8:  Japanese made high chromium and medium carbon stainless which gives a nice balance of corrosion resistance, strength and durability, and sharpness.  Used by many different knife manufacturers. 
8Cr14MoV:  Chinese made steel with similar characteristics to AUS8–used often for it’s value price. 
1095:  Steel used primarily for heavy usage.  Easy to resharpen and great for field work (outdoor heavy use).  Will rust over time and must be maintained.

Of course, there are a much wider variety of steels than those I listed briefly here.  These are just some of the more commonly used steels and should get you started.  If price isn’t an object for your EDC decision–I would bump up to S30V, 154CM, or D2 depending on what I will be using my knife for. 
Next step in choosing an EDC knife is to determining handle material.  There are an amazing number of different materials that you can pick from.  Some of the most common are 6061T6 aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, G10, micarta, or almost any combination of these materials.  Many knife manufacturers will produce a knife with a 6061 T6 or a stainless steel frame and then top off the handle with some type of overlay or inlay including such materials as carbon fiber, different rare and common woods, G-10, various types of micarta, or nearly any other material known to man.  The biggest thing for me, when choosing an EDC is to make sure the frame is built from material that will stand up to my level of use.  I am hard on my knives and so I prefer to get a 6061 T6 handle.  The other, possibly even more critical part of choosing a handle is to make sure it is COMFORTABLE in your hand.  If it doesn’t feel good–don’t get it. 
The next decision is to choose what type of locking mechanism you get in your knife.  There are several choices including automatic, linerlock, framelock, button lock and fixed blade to name just a few.  Part of this decision revolves also around how you want your knife to open.  Do you want a manual, a spring assist, an automatic or one that is always ready to go (a fixed blade)? 
Just for the record–my newest EDC is the Benchmade Impel Automatic Knife–a Lerch design.  Here is why I like it.  Small enough to barely feel in my pocket.  Auto open with a button lock.  Has a nice sliding safety right by the trigger button that makes it easy to use one handed if I need to.  A very nice aluminum handle with black G-10 inlay that provides a little extra grip when I need it.  And, it feels great in my hand.  The clip point blade is S30V steel with an incredibly hard black finish that has not scratched even a little with a month of fairly rigorous use. 
Now tell me what your EDC is and why?

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I received my knives in the mail, and I’d just like to say that you have been very fast from ordering to the time it took to get to me. Keep up the good work. I look forward to make my next knife purchases from you.


I recently ordered a Boker Automatic Knife from you. I have wanted a knife like this for a very very long time.

You provided an excellent knife at an excellent price with free shipping to boot.. Also the knife arrived in a very timely manner.

You have a quality company – I searched the Internet and you are the best I came across.

Thanks again.
D. O.

thank you so much. i appreciate your great service!
a. t.

To be honest, at your price point I didn’t expect too much. What I actually got exceeded my expectations by a significant measure. By most metrics, the knife I received is certainly not a “cheap” knife. It is a solidly built bit of craftsmanship. The only thing “cheap”was the price. And that’s something I can really appreciate. Please know that I will spread the word among my friends and acquaintances, and I will be back for more of your quality knives myself.

I don’t know how you do it, but thanks for providing such quality products at such low price points.

D. S.

Great website, Great deals. I will be ordering from you for many years to come. Romeo

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We have free shipping, all the time on every order.  That about explains it.  As we all get ready for the Holiday season, a frequent question is, “How long will it take my package to get here?”  The short answer is, if you use the free shipping option, about 4-7 days.  Most of the difference in time depends on where you are in relation to us.  We are in SLC, UT.  If you are in Florida or Maine, it will most likely take closer to 7 days.  If you are in Nevada, sometimes the packages make it in 3 days.  If you are a little pressed for time–you want your knife fast–you can upgrade to 2-3 day Priority shipping.  This costs just $4.80.  About 99% of the Priority shipments make it in 2 or 3 days.  If you want it the next day–go with Express.  We charge $20.00 for this and you get your package the next business day. 
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