Cold Steel Best Pal Neck Knives

Cold Steel Best Pal
Cold Steel Best Pal neck knife, CS43XL

The Cold Steel Best Pal neck knife is new for 2013.  Continuing a tradition of excellence in neck knives that spans over 20 years, the Best Pal features a secure grip that allows you to use this knife as the self defense tool it was designed to be or to use it as a utility knife.  This neck knife functions great as a box cutter.  Small and light enough to be worn around the neck sheathed in the included Secure-Ex sheath and hanging with the included black bead lanyard chain, the Best Pal also is easy to pocket carry or stash in a bag or purse. With a double edged blade available with dual plain edges or one plain edge and one combo edge, this durable knife handles tough chores with ease and is the perfect last resort self defense tool.  Get one for yourself and for a loved one.  Check them out on the BladeOps website.

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