Competition for BladeOps Blog

We are looking for blog entries reviewing knives you have purchased from  If you are interested, you can send any entries to .  For the next 35 days or so, until the last day of April, we are taking all entries.  Here are the basic rules of the competition.  Any size entry is accepted. The more information about the particular knife you are reviewing, the better.  We are going to post the top 5 entries on our blog.  So by entering, you are giving us all the legal permission and legal ownership we need to post your entry. Each winning entry will be posted with the entrant’s first name and state of residence.  Each one of the top 5 entries will recieve a free OTF Lightning knife.  The top winner will also recieve a $100.00 gift certificate. 
What will constitute a winning entry?  We are sure to get lots of contestant entries.  The best of the best will give our reading audience good solid information about one or more knives.  What is great about the knife you are reviewing?  What is it’s best use?  Are there any particular drawbacks to the knife?  Why did you buy it?  The entry that gives the most helpful information to a prospective buyer is the one that will win.  Good luck.

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