CRKT Hissatsu Knife Review

CRKT Hissatsu Combat Knife, 2907K

The CRKT Hissatsu is a fixed blade knife series that has three variations.  You can also get the Hissatsu in a folder or spring assist model but specifically I will review the fixed blade edition.  Similar in some ways to the much more expensive Hisshou knife that is also a James Williams design, the Hissatsu is relatively inexpensive.  At just $79.95, you can pick one up without breaking the bank.  Here are the things I really like about this knife.

  1. Designed as a fighting knife after a legendary blade shape by Takeda Shingen, this knife is built to give you maximum penetration.
  2. It also gives you slashing capabilities.
  3. The thin profile means you can carry it into tactical situations as a secondary weapon for close quarters combat.
  4. The handle has an Oyatsubo, which is the traditional name for the node on one side–which means whatever the conditions, you will know which way the blade is facing by the feel of the handle.
  5. It has a great injection molded glass filled nylon sheath that has multiple carry options.

If you are looking for a CQC knife that can be carried easily and is built for performance, the Hissatsu is definitely a knife to consider.  You can pick it up with an all black blade, a satin finish blade, or a desert tan blade and handle.

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