CRKT Sakimori Knife

CRKT Sakimori
CRKT Sakimori

James Williams has been around the proverbial “block” when it comes to combat and combat weapons.  A martial arts instructor as well as knife designer, he set out to create a series of knives that will allow operators to have a functional weapon when firearms are out of the question.  What came from his work are now the CRKT combat knives known as the Hisshou, Shinbu, and Sakimori.  The Sakimori is the shortest of the three, while the Hissou is the largest.  Each of these three knives are more of close quarter battle swords along the lines of what the Samurai used.    Hisshou Means “Certain Victory.” Shinbu Means “Divine Valor.” And Sakimori means…”Noble Defender.”  When we first got the Hisshou into our warehouse, I was immediately struck at how well it was designed as well as the quality of the construction.  The Sakimori, our newest addition to the line, is equally well built.  At just 10.5″ in overall length, this tactical tool has a full tang dual grind high carbon steel tanto blade. Built for maximum strength and performance, these blades are shaped to allow maximum cutting strength in small areas.  With the handles, James followed the Japanese tradition of cord wrapping them over a ray skin underlay. This gives you a solid grip even when things are wet and slippery.  The Sakimori comes with a custom fitted, molded PVC sheath that can be mounted in a variety of positions to best suit each individual user. This is a knife designed for military professionals who demand the best.  Check out the CRKT Sakimori, if you enjoy classic Japanese style knives, you are certain to be pleased with this beauty.


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