Custom Kyle Vallotton Featherweight Butterflies

Kyle Vallotton Custom Butterly
Kyle Vallotton Custom Butterly

We just got a couple of Kyle Vallotton’s custome Featherweight Butterfly knives in stock. These fantastic beauties, that he refers to as the “Twins” are built with ATS34 stainless steel blades that come to a sharp point. With one sharp edge and one false edge, they have excellent movement and action. Two tang pins, one small and one large with a crosshatch pattern on top, keep the handles from banging against each other. The handles are blue and purple as well as turquoise 6AL4V titanium. The handles feature a diamond pattern when closed that switches to an X pattern when the handles are open. The grooves in the handle offer extra grip and serious visual attraction. These fantastic, custom made knives are available in extremely limited numbers. Each one is personally made by Kyle and comes in a presentation box with an included Certificate of Authenticity.  Find them here on our website.


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