Deep Carry Solution, by W.B.

Deep Carry Solution
Deep Carry Solution

Are you tired of making your new folders look old before their time with scratched and worn handles? Maybe you even leave your front pocket, that holds your knife, empty to avoid scratches and unwanted wear marks?! Have you wished that your pocket clip didn’t standout as much as it does, but enough to not consider it a concealed weapon? I did, too. Because I wear Levis most of the time I wanted a solution that included them, so I removed the stitches at the bottom of the watch pocket which allowed for knives much larger than a Buck Rush. This protects the handle and removes the pocket clip from it’s usual place, making it less noticeable, but keeping your carry legal. Additionally, a deep pocket clip will totally, yet legally, hide your knife. It draws as easily as if were in a front pocket and it just looks cool. You will thank me for this tip, and it doesn’t take 5 minutes to do, so try it.


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