DPx Blackwater HEFT 4 NSW Limited Edition Knife

DPx Gear HEFT 4 NSW Knife
DPx Gear HEFT 4 NSW Knife

In a series of meetings between SEALs and DPx Gear, it came to light that the vast majority of special operators don’t want a huge six inch knife.  What they want is a knife that will get the job done and is easily concealable.  This special limited edition Blackwater HEFT 4 NSW knife is a head nod and a thanks to those who serve in the Naval Special Warfare community.  It features an ELMAX martensitic stainless steel blade forged in Sweden.  The blade has a matte black physical vapor deposition (PVD) coat.  The black G-10 glass epoxy laminate scales have a Trident medallion.  The jimping is unique in that it also functions as wire strippers in three of the most common gauges.  The striker pommel also has a prybar and a lanyard hole allows for alternate carry.


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