Eagle Claw Automatic Knife


One of our newest Value Automatic knives is the Eagle Claw.  This little knife has incredibly fast and strong action.  The blade is triggered with a push button that is inset in the handle just a bit to prevent accidental firing.  The Eagle Claw features a uniquely curved blade with partial serrations on it.  It is perfect for an every day carry knife if you use your knife to open lots of boxes or cut lots of straps.  The handle is relatively wide and thin which makes it comfortable to carry in your pocket but big enough that it feels good in your hand.  It also has a very long pocket clip that makes it ride secure if that is the way you carry it.  The Eagle Claw is perfect for a small gift–get one for yourself and for a few friends.


Blade: 1 1/2″

Open: 4 1/2″
Closed: 3″
Weight: 2 Ounces

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  1. Really it is a great site which offer various shape of eagle claw knife products. Its looking so beautiful and now a days most of the people are used such type of knife. Thanks for informing.

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