Emerson Knives Mini Roadhouse

Emerson Mini Roadhouse
Emerson Mini Roadhouse

If you need a tough folder knife that is built for the roughest of work–you can always rely on an Emerson knife.  The Mini Roadhouse is no exception.  Hard work, heavy duty choppers and late nights is what this little knife is all about.  Built USA tough with G-10 handle scales and a 154cm stainless steel tanto blade, the Mini Roadhouse has attitude that just cannot be corralled.  The blade can be opened easily via the thumb plate or you can use the “wave” feature.  As you pull the knife from your pocket, just snag the “wave” on the edge of your pocket–by the time the knife is clear of your pocket, the blade will have snapped into the fully open position.  It locks up solid with the aerospace grade titanium liner lock and stays ready to take care of whatever cutting needs to be done.  Check out the Mini Roadhouse and find out what all the fuss is about.


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