I’m A Fan of Knives, by M.R.

I'm A Fan of Knives
I’m A Fan of Knives

I’ve been a fan of knives since I was a little kid. Ever since my older brother gave me his boy scouts knife, I’ve been hooked. Where I went, so did that knife. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I abused that thing, but it held up to the rigors of what a young outdoors lover could dish out. I learned to appreciate what a fine instrument a knife could be. In a pinch, or to just to whittle on a stick, or to carve my name in a tree out of boredom.
Over the years my collection has grown. Family and friends never seemed to understand or to appreciate my love of a fine blade. I still to this day carry a knife with me wherever I may roam. And I still own that first boy scout knife which my brother handed to me nearly forty years ago now. No I no longer carry it, but that knife will forever hold a place deep inside my heart.

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