Lighting OTF Is Back In Stock

Lightning OTF Knife
Lightning OTF Knife

The Lightning out the front knife is back in stock.  To celebrate we are offering it for just $33 for a very limited time.  No coupon necessary.  Just come and get yours before they are all gone.  You can find it here on our website.

The blade opens and retracts with the slide button.  Built with a sturdy handle, these great knives are incredibly tough and durable.  Our friend across the street runs a convenience store.  He has been using his Lightning for over two years with no issues.  About every four months he brings it over to get sharpened.  He uses it for everything you can imagine–and then some.  This is the high quality Taiwanese version.  You will definitely be pleased with this great OTF knife.  Get a few while you are at it because at this price, they may never be seen again.

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