LionSteel Knives Have Arrived

LionSteel SR1-Al Red Folder
LionSteel SR1-Al Red Folder

It will take a few days for all of our new Lion Steel knives to show up in stock, but they are here.  And they are fantastic.  We are extremely impressed with the SR1 series.  These knives have handles are CNC machined from a monolithic block (one solid piece) of steel.  The first knives to be entered are the aluminum handles.  The blades on this series of knives is D2.  These durable, solid folders are built for heavy use.  Another interesting fact about these knives is that they have a RotoBlock system.  By adjusting this you can “lock” the lockbar in place and your folder acts more like a fixed blade knife. Check them out on our LionSteel category page.


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