Microtech DOC Flipper Knife

Microtech DOC Flipper
Microtech DOC Flipper, Model MT153-2

Do you like flippers?  Do you want a knife built for heavy duty action?  Look no further than the new DOC collaboration between Anthony Marfione and Mick Strider.  These two leading industry experts have joined forces to produce the DOC flipper knife under the Microtech banner.

The DOC sports a spear point blade with unique grind angles for a blade shape that cuts like sharp word from the old lady.  It doesn’t just cut, the special blade angles make it a superior piercing tool.  Just what the DOCtor (I just had to do it) ordered for those of you who want a heavy duty combat knife where high performance and heavy duty are just part of the expectations when you are looking for a knife.  This knife has an aluminum handle with an extra long finger groove that combined with the finger choil gives you a grip that is solid like the proverbial rock.  When making light cuts, you can hold the handle behind the flipper that, when open, acts as a blade guard.  When making heavy cuts or piercing cuts, you can choke up and put your forefinger in the finger choil for a super solid grip that competes with the very best on the market.

“How well does it open?” you ask.  You may as well ask how easy is it pop open your favorite beverage when the BBQ is going and the sun is out.  It opens smooth and simple.  Just pull the flipper and the blade glides open and locks up tight via the extra solid framelock system.  Want to get it open even faster?  Just flick your wrist as you pull the flipper and the blade snaps open as fast as any auto on the market.

The DOC is one spectacular knife.  The high quality components and attention to detail construction combine with a superior design to give you the very best in a flipper combat knife.  Get it and take care of any business that presents itself in your life.  Whether you are on the front lines in the battle against enemies of the state or you just want a hefty EDC–the DOC is just what you ordered.

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