Microtech Executive Scarab OTF Knife Review

Executive SCARAB 176-5
Microtech Executive SCARAB 176-5–an out the front with class and panache.

Built with the classic Microtech attention to detail, the Executive SCARAB model 176-5 features a single edge satin finished combo blade.  This Out The Front is double action meaning the slide triggers opens the blade and retracts it.  Slide it one way, the blade snaps out.  Slide it the other way, the blade retracts.  The blade on the current batch of 176’s is made from ELMAX.  ELMAX is a powder steel produced by Uddeholm.  It contains 1.7% C, 18% Cr, and 3% V.  The process and the component ingredients make for a very good stainless steel that boasts excellent wear resistance.  My favorite part about this knife is the amazing tolerances.  Many OTF knives are a bit “sloppy” or have quite a bit of play in the blade when it extended.  Not so with this knife.  The blade has some of the tightest tolerances I have seen in the industry.

The Executive SCARAB has a smooth anodized aluminum handle–and this is the biggest difference between it and the traditional SCARAB which has grip tape inserts on the handle.  It has several grooves on both thin sides of the handle.  This adds plenty of texture for a solid grip.  The pocket clip carries the knife fairly deep in your pocket.  It is wide, reversible and/or removable.  On the clip is an etched scarab beetle.  The front of the handle has the Microtech Claw logo with the serial number above the logo and the “birth” date of your particular knife below the logo.

Like every Microtech knife, the Executive SCARAB has amazingly tight tolerances, high quality construction and the attention to detail that every knife lover will appreciate.  If you haven’t ever purchased an OTF knife, the Microtech Executive SCARAB could very well be the absolute cream of the crop–find yours here on our website.  Let me know what you think of yours below.


The Microtech Executive SCARAB Out the Front Knife, model 176-5, has a single edge satin finished blade with a combo edge. This fast deploying knife is built tough to withstand and excel in high intensity situations and conditions. It has a 6061 T6 black anodized aluminum handle with jimping in all the right places to give you plenty of traction. The handle curves slightly and then flares right where the blade comes out for a more ergonomic grip. Front of the handle has a Microtech Claw logo as well as date and serial number. Built with a glass breaker and a pocket clip, the SCARAB is built for action. Pocket clip has scarab logo on it.


Knife Category: Out the Front
Blade Style: Single Edge, Combo Edge, Satin
Blade Length: 3 3/8″
Open Length:8 3/4″”
Closed Length: 5 3/8″
Weight: 3.7 Ounces
Handle Thickness: 1/2″
Handle Width: 1″
Handle Material: 6061 T6 Black Anodized Aluminum
Clip: Tip Down, Removable, With Scarab Logo

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