New Butterfly Knives

We have added several new butterfly knives to our inventory over the past couple of days.  The Slim Jim butterfly knife is one of my new favorites.  The Slim Jim has an extra thin width to it but retains plenty of weight to give it good action.  The blade is an all black tactical coat but does scratch up fairly easy. For me, the beauty of the Slim Jim lies in its pin construction–no messing around with adjustments and tightening.  This is a great practice butterfly. 
Then we added two new Jaguar Butterfly knives.  These butterfly knives have an image of a Jaguar imprinted on the blade as well as the word Jaguar engraved below the picture.  They have great weight–they are on the heavy side–and are also built with pin construction.  If you are looking for a good priced butterfly knife that will last for a long time–check out our new butterfly knives.

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