New Microtech Tri-Grip Ultratech Knives

The brand new for 2015 Microtech Tri-Grip Ultratech knives have hit the shelves.  This new style Ultratech features all the same inner components as the original Ultratech with a redesigned handle and a couple of other improvements.

The new Tri-Grip handle features a raised triangle pattern across both faces of the handle.  This tri-grip pattern affords you a much more secure grip on the knife than the earlier style handle.  The corners of the new handle style are all chamfered which makes the knife seem visually more thin although it is the same as the original.  It also gives it a more rounded feel in your hand, allowing you to work with the knife for longer periods of time with less discomfort and fatigue.

New Tri-Grip Ultratech Handle
New Tri-Grip Ultratech Handle

The next big change is the new glass breaker.  The old glass breaker was one solid steel component and the sharp point would sometimes catch on your hand or pocket.  Because Microtech heard so much feedback on this subject, they redesigned the pocket clip to be less abrasive.  The new glass breaker is a carbide ball bearing inserted into the end of a somewhat trianguler shaped pyramid.  The carbide ball does not cut, scratch or wear your hands and pockets.  It also is much superior when it comes to actually breaking glass.

Tri-Grip Ultratech Slide
Tri-Grip Ultratech Slide

The slide trigger has also been redesigned.  Instead of the old ramped trigger slide, the new Ultratech slide has a different shape.  I think it feels much better on the thumb.

Overall, I think the new changes to the Ultratech make an already spectacular knife into an absolutely stellar one.  Tell me what you think of the new changes below.

*we do have some stock of the old Ultratech style still available.  I know it will move fast now that it is limited.  If you want the old style, just make sure the Product Code does not end in -TG.  If you want the new Tri-Grip, then make sure you order a knife with a product code that does end in -TG




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