New Product Review, Gerber DMF Auto Knives

Gerber just released two new automatic knives.  They are essentially the same knife, with two different blade styles available.  You can get the modified clip point or the tanto point.  The D.M.F. automatic knife (DMF stands for dual multi function) has one of my favorite style opening triggers.  Similar in nature to SOG’s Arc-Lock system or Benchmade’s Auto-Axis system, the DMF has a dumbell shaped trigger that spans the width of the knife and can be accessed from either the right or left side.  This trigger rides in a channel.  When you want to trigger the knife open, you just pull it down with a finger or thumb and the blade snaps out.
The DMF knives have incredibly fast action and good, tight lock up.  They are made with G-10 handle’s which give it strength but don’t add too much weight.  But one of the things I like best about the DMF is the integrated pommel strike.  Many of the new Gerber automatic knives have this, it is an angled piece of the tang that extends out beyond the base end of the handle.  It can be used for breaking glass to escape a dangerous situation or as a great strike point if such is needed. 
The Gerber DMF auto knife sits comfortably in my hand and has a definite utilitarian feel to it.  This is the kind of knife I want with me when I am out in the world and need a tool that will get the job done.

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