OTF Automatic Switchblade Lighter

Auto OTF Lighter
Auto OTF Lighter

Several years ago we carried a Switchblade Lighter that had a small OTF blade as well.  We were just able to pick up a new shipment of these in both a black and silver handle models.  These fantastic little conversation pieces have decent action and a refillable butane lighter.  The knife blade isn’t anything to write home about–in fact, it probably maxes out as a letter opener–but the blade has real double action OTF functionality and the lighter is great.

The blade has an engraved image of a golfer swinging a club.  The lighter easily refills with butane below.  It even allows you to adjust the level of the flame.  Pick yourself up one or two or a dozen of these.  They will move fast and our source may run out soon.  You can find them on our website here.

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