Blade Of the Day Program

If you aren’t already familiar with our Blade of the Day Program, here is how it works.  Each day, before about 10 am MST we put up one knife as our Blade of the Day.  Normally, this is a screaming good deal.  Grab it while it lasts.  The blade of the day is good only for that day on that particular knife–while supplies last.  On Friday, we put up three blades of the day.  This is because we won’t change it again until Monday morning.  Get the Blade of the Day and save a ton of cash. 


New Microtech Knives in Stock

We just got a couple of new styles of Makora II’s in.  They are the 106-1Bub and the 106-3 Bub.  These are incredible great looking Makora’s with a bubble inlay on each side of the handle.  The inlay is a 3D imprinted metal that looks absolutely stunning.
We should also have some new Daytona Microtech knives in by the end of the day today.  Check out our Microtech section in the next few days and see all the great knives available.


Bear and Sons, BC117B

Bear and Sons make great butterfly knives.  Their butterfly knives have pin construction which has some advantatges and some drawbacks.  The biggest advantage of pin construction is that the butterfly knife should never have to be adjusted.  If they are made correctly, this style of butterfly knife is great to use for both beginners and experts.  Bear and Sons does them right.  The drawback is that the tension on the blade is not adjustable.  If you get the knife and the action is too fast or too slow–there really isn’t a lot you can do to change it.  But, with that in mind, I think the Bear and Sons model BC117B is made right.  It has a nice tanto style blade point with the blade made of High Carbon steel.  The handle is epoxy coat powder cast metal.  Nicely made with quality materials, the BC117B is a fantastic butterfly knife.

• Action: Butterfly with Latch

• Blade Material: Hollow Ground High Carbon Proprietary Steel

• Blade Style: Tanto Point

• Handle Material: Epoxy Powder Coat Cast Metal
• Handle Length: 5 1/8″

• Overall Open Length: 9″
Blade Length: 4″


Great Gifts

We have many different small knives for sale that make great stocking stuffers or birthday gifts.  If you have been looking for a good quality knife that doesn’t break the bank–check out our Value Blade section. Some of my favorite small knives are the following:

  1. Tactical Peanut Automatic Knife
  2. Black Tactical Auto
  3. The Atomic

If you are looking for a retro style knife that is an automatic, any of the Milano Godfather knives are fantastic.  For around $30.00 you can pick up either the first or the second generation of these knives and they are both great quality, long lasting knives that look like the automatic knives from the 50’s and 60’s.  Cool look and fun to use.
If you are looking to step up in price a little, the ProTech automatic knives are always a good choice.   The Runt series are all very popular and look great.  Check out our huge selection of knives and get yourself one while you are at it.


Special Coupon for Blog Followers

Here is a special coupon code for the blog followers. Just use the code BLOG1 and you will receive a 5% discount on your order. Follow the blog regularly for random discounts and special deals available from time to time here on the blog. This coupon code is good until the end of November, 2009. Also, this coupon cannot be used with any other coupon.


Camo Butterfly Knife

What a great look butterfly knife. The Camo Butterfly knife has a camo print all over the blade and the handle. The handle also has a deeply imprinted x and o pattern that gives the handle more texture. I like it because it allows me to get a grip on the butterfly as I move through my tricks. Made with hex construction for adjustable tension on the blade, the Camo Butterfly has smooth action and a great look. Today, it is the Blade of the Day so you can save a couple of dollars on it–even if it isn’t on sale though, it is a great deal.

Closed: 5 1/8″
Open: 8 7/8″
Blade Length: 3 5/8″
Hex Construction
Weight: 4.6 Ounces


New Butterfly Knives are Here!

Just in–several new styles of butterfly knives. And some classics are back in stock. The Urban Slash, the Halo, and the Rising Sun are all back in stock. Plus we have six new styles of butterfly knives. All of them have hex construction–which means you can adjust the tightness or looseness of the play in your butterfly. These butterfly knives are all high quality materials with solid construction. Check them out.