Benchmade 3551

Benchmade 3551 Stimulus Auto Knife — New Product Announcement

Based in Oregon, the epicenter of U.S. knife production, Oregon City’s Benchmade ranked second when Knife News conducted a brand-awareness survey of blade enthusiasts in 2015. Formulated and refined over Benchmade’s 30-year history, the company’s strategy applies state-of-the-art manufacturing and production processes to custom knife designs from industry-leading knife makers, making high-quality implements available to a larger customer base than previously could obtain them and … Continue reading Benchmade 3551 Stimulus Auto Knife — New Product Announcement

Benchmade 484-1 Quick Review

Benchmade 484-1            Made in the USA With the Benchmade Nakamura, the saying “you get what you pay for” has never been truer. The quality of manufacturing, materials and construction are all completely top-notch. Featuring gorgeous carbon fiber handles for lightweight strength, S90V blade steel for optimal resistance to wear and electric blue barrel spacers and pivot pin for a pop of color, this knife strikes … Continue reading Benchmade 484-1 Quick Review

Knife Terminology Glossary

Knife Terminology Glossary Updated 10.15.15 Anodization– The process by which the oxide surface layer of a metal part is made thicker by electrolytic passivation to make it more resistant to corrosion and wear as well as for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes Balisong- Commonly referred to as a butterfly knife, this knife has two rotating handles that move around the pivot pin and, when closed, hide … Continue reading Knife Terminology Glossary

The Life and Times of Blade Steel

When choosing a knife, be it for everyday multi-purpose use or for a specific task, it helps to have an understanding of the properties of various blade steels because in many ways it’s the steel you are actually buying when selecting a knife. However, manufacturer finishing and techniques such as heat treatment will play a large role in the overall performance of any given steel. … Continue reading The Life and Times of Blade Steel

Knife Care, Maintenance & Safety

  With a little routine upkeep, a quality knife can provide decades of dependable service. First, let’s get some common sense points out of the way. To begin with, never use your knife for tasks other than its primary purpose: cutting. While different blade styles allow for all manner of piercing, slicing and sawing, it is generally best to confine the use of your knife … Continue reading Knife Care, Maintenance & Safety

Spyderco Autonomy Automatic Knife Review

Spyderco recently released the Autonomy automatic knife.  In production for several years, this knife has previously been available only to members of the US Coast Guard. Several years ago, Spyderco was contracted to build an auto knife for the US Coast Guard rescue swimmers.  These swimmers have some pretty incredible standards of fitness that readies them for the wide variety of environments they operate within. … Continue reading Spyderco Autonomy Automatic Knife Review

Kershaw Own It 4 Piece Set

Looking for a great deal–check out this 4 piece set from Kershaw.  Part of the Own It series, this Limited Edition offering includes four great items from Kershaw, all at an unbelievable price point. In your set you get the 1304BW assist knife.  This knife opens smooth as silk with a tug on the flipper or a push on the dual thumb studs.  The tanto … Continue reading Kershaw Own It 4 Piece Set

ProTech Desert Sand Tactical Response Auto Knife

The ProTech TR3.31 boasts the new desert sand anodized handle that ProTech has been producing over the past few years.  I picked up one of these ProTech knives with a tanto point about two years ago with the Desert Sand anodize finish.  At the time, it was a limited run offering. Since then, I have carried the knife for about 150 days of hard, daily use.  It … Continue reading ProTech Desert Sand Tactical Response Auto Knife

Microtech Makora II OTF Knife

The automatic out the front knife known as the Makora II from Microtech stands tall above the competition–and not just because it is the biggest OTF auto currently in production in the US.  The Makora II features stunning carbon fiber inlays on both sides of the handle and a long, narrow blade built for heavy use. The current iteration is available in OD Green, Red … Continue reading Microtech Makora II OTF Knife