ProTech Big Daddy Tactical Response Knife

ProTech Big Daddy
ProTech Big Daddy

Looking for the ultimate gift?  The ProTech Big Daddy Tactical Response knife graced the cover of the May 2012 Tactical Knife Magazine edition.  ProTech built 10 of these extremely limited edition knives.  Each one is just a bit different from each other.  This model has two Bruce Shaw engraved skulls.  A large one in the middle and a smaller one right by the base of the handle.  It also has a barbed wire motif engraved across the handle.  On the spine of the blade, you find a Bruce Shaw signature and a #7 of 10 mark.  With a solid 416 stainless steel handle and a Damascus blade, this is an amazing auto knife that is sure to be the crown jewel of any collection.


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