ProTech Godfather Automatic Knife Series

ProTech Godfather PT921SWAT

The ProTech Godfather Knife, for me, represents all that is fantastic about ProTech knives.  ProTech Knife Company is based in Santa Fe Springs, CA.  They build custom, semi custom, and production automatic, manual, and fixed blade knives.  With a current line of many different style knives, the Godfather is one of the first and still one of the most popular knives they build.  With each model knife, ProTech will build a wide variety of different styles and configurations.  For instance, with the Godfather, you can get it with a plain satin blade or with a black tactical blade.  You can also get it with carbon fiber inlay, cocobolo, walnut, G10, maple, black ash, or ivory micarta inlays.  You can also get the Godfather with an all aluminum handle (no inlay) or from time to time, you can grab one of the custom or semi custom Godfather Knives that get produced.  Whichever Godfather knife you choose, each one is put together with maximum precision and care.  Each knife is hand finished to ensure that everything works just perfect. 
The spring on the Godfather is very strong–ProTech has one of the very strongest opening springs in the market.  The handle on the Godfather is built so it feels perfect in your hand.  Slightly tapering to the top of the handle, it feels great in your hand.  At the top of the handle, closest to the blade, the handle tapers out a bit to provide a bit of a tang which prevents your hand from slipping up the handle and onto the blade.  The blade is 154CM stainless steel and has one sharp edge.  Whichever model you choose, the Godfather by ProTech is truly built with “unparalleled style and quality”.

Blade: 154-CM Stainless Steel, 4″ Long Blade, .125″ thick, 59RC
Handle: T6-6061 Anodized Aluminum, Black, .485″ thick
Open Overall Length: 9.6″
Closed Overall Length: 5.56″
Weight: 4.0 ounces

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