Short History of SOG Specialty Knives

SOG Seal Pup

SOG Specialty Knives started in 1986 when Spencer Frazer set out to reproduce the original bowie knife carried by a unique, highly classified US special ops unit that opertated during the Vietnam War under the designation MACV-SOG.  Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG) was comprised of military service personnel from all branches of the military.  Included in this group were members of the Marine Recons, Air Force Special Operations pilots, Navy SEALs as well as Army Special Forces–who made up the greatest number of those serving in the MACV-SOG group.  Even the name was chosen to mislead those who heard it–the groups main function was not Studies and Observations rather it was to carry out special operations in North Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  These missions included intelligence gathering, raiding, rescue, training, Psy-Ops and many other secret operations.

Members of the MACV-SOG group carried a unique combat knife designed specifically for their combat needs.  The knife, designed by Ben Baker, was manufactured in Japan for the group.  1308 of these 7″ blade knives were produced using SKS-3 steel.  8 of them were prototypes, the rest were combat ready blades designed for the punishing environment of Vietnam.

In 1986, when Spencer Frazer saw one of these SOG Bowie knives, his life was changed forever.  According to him,

“The knife was magical in how it looked and felt. You could see the history as well as the functional aspects of the knife.”

That single knife spawned the birth of SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, Inc. His one goal: to reproduce the mystical knife… the SOG Bowie.

“We started our company by having to sell a one-knife line at the very high price of $200 retail!”

With that desire to re-create on of the most memorable knives of an era, SOG Specialty Knives was born.  SOG knives has grown into a full line of innovative knives and tools and are now trusted by thousands who carry them every day into the most demanding situations possible.   Like their motto states, SOG knives are:

Forged out of tradition, hardened in the field, honed for you.



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