Smith and Wesson Auto Conversion Knives, SW80 Series

Smith and Wesson 80BT
Smith and Wesson 80BT auto conversion knife

Smith and Wesson Knives produces loads of great fixed blade knives as well as folders.  Every once in a while, they also produce a button lock manual folder knife that can easily be “converted” to an auto knife with some minor modifications.  Although S&W doesn’t sell these “converted” knives, secondary suppliers buy up the manual versions and convert them into automatic knives.  The SW80 series is one such set of knives.  Available with modified clip point or tanto blades with either plain edges or combo edges, these large auto knives are great for every day carry.

Both the tanto and the modified clip point variations have a slight recurve in the blade. Recurve blades give you maximum slicing power, especially when cutting ropes and straps.  Plus, they look great.    On these conversions, there is a slide safety on the back of the handle that keeps the blade in either the locked open or locked closed position.

The handle has grip tape inserts that give your hand lots of grip.  A finger choil as well as some mild jimping on the spine give your hand even more grip.  A removable pocket clip (tip up) is held in place with a hefty glass breaker.

This is a great every day auto knife priced at about $35.00.  Although the “conversion” voids any warranty that Smith and Wesson Knives offers, the knife is durable and sturdy enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.  Similar in price and construction to the extremely popular Boker Kalashnikov series, the SW80 series is going to give you a slightly longer blade, a longer handle, as well as a recurve blade.  Check them out on our site here.

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