Smith and Wesson Expanding Batons

Smith & Wesson 12' Baton
Smith & Wesson 12′ Baton
Smith & Wesson 12" Baton
Smith & Wesson 12″ Baton

Smith and Wesson has been producing quality expanding batons for several years.  These batons have ranged in length from 16″ all the way up to 26″ long.  Great for the professional that needs a quality baton, these have been fantastic tools.  Just recently, Smith & Wesson released their newest addition to the line.  Measuring in at just 12″, the newest expanding baton also comes with a hand strap so you can carry it in the palm of your hand when running, walking or hiking.  This is perfect for the person who likes to get out and about but is concerned about self protection.  Available in black or pink, check out the newest S&W expanding batons on our site.

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