Smith & Wesson 2nd Generation OTF Spring Assisted Knives

Wow! Just the name is a mouthful. Smith & Wesson just recently released their second generation of spring assisted Out The Front knives. These knives are an improvement over the 1st generation of OTF’s that were hugely popular. The handle is reshaped to a more ergonomic design. The blade release, to release the blade from it’s open position in order to close the blade back into the knife, is easier to use and is set on the top of the switch instead of to the side. Both of these improvements are definite upgrades to an already good knife.

If you like Smith & Wesson and you want an OTF knife–this is one series to take a serious look at. The knives have good, fast action. The trigger button is low on the handle–for some this is a drawback and for others it is great. The safety is a slide on the side of the handle. If you get the knack of this knife, it is easy to use one handed. It is an auto open and a manual retraction. Good all around OTF knife.

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