Smith & Wesson HRT12B Boot Knife — Review

Smith & Wesson HRT12B
Smith & Wesson HRT12B Boot Dagger

Last year, Smith & Wesson released the HRT12B.  An unassuming dagger bladed knife, it boasts an incredibly thin profile that makes it perfect for boot carry.  The handle is just 3/8″ thick and the ABS sheath is even thinner at just 5/16″ (not including the clip).  The handle is an ABS material with a “topographic” style print for texture.  An oversized hole at the base of the handle makes a great spot for a lanyard or small strap if you aren’t going to carry the knife in your boot.  The ingenious sheath has a lock that mates up with one side of the handle.  When you squeeze the handle, it releases the knife from the sheath–sort of a knife safety for your boot knife.  The sheath also has a small lanyard hole which allows you to carry the knife handle side down for easy access.  While it would definitely be on the big side for a neck knife, it only weighs 5.25 ounces (including sheath) which would make for a reasonably light carry.  The 4.1″ blade (made of 7Cr17 High Carbon stainless steel) is a classic dagger style with a black finish.  Overall length of the knife is 8.55″.

7Cr17 is stainless steel which compares favorably to 440A.  Like 440A, it is a low-cost stainless steel with extremely high corrosion resistance.  It is also very easy to sharpen and keeps a decent edge.  Because of the materials used in this knife, it is highly resistant to environmental degradation and should hold up extremely well even in extremely harsh circumstances.

If you are looking for a great boot knife that won’t take a huge bite out of your wallet, check out the Smith & Wesson HRT12B.  Solid, dependable and durable.  Just what you need from a back up knife.


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