Smith & Wesson Tactical Fixed Blade Knives

Smith & Wesson HRT10B
Smith & Wesson HRT10B

We just got two new Smith & Wesson fixed blade knives into stock.  The SWHRT10 and the SWHRT11 are 11.1″ long overall and both sport 6″ blades. The 10 is a dual edged dagger blade and the 11 has a tanto blade.  These fixed blade knives are big solid knives that are ready for heavy use.  At a price point of under $40.00, they are a screaming deal.  Each one has a sheath with an ingenious locking system that keeps your blade securely in the sheath until you want it out.  Right next to the handle, when you have the blade in the sheath, there is a extended push button. By pushing the button in, toward the bottom of the sheath, you release the blade from the sheath and are then able to extract it.  Especially nice because sheaths sometimes don’t play nice with large knives.

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