SOG Slim Jim Knife

SOG SlimJim Spring Assist Knife

I’m getting pretty excited to get the SOG Slim Jim knives in stock.  At the SHOT Show back in January, we got to hold a couple of these and they

SOG SlimJim Spring Assist Knife
SOG SlimJim Spring Assist Knife

are flat out amazing.  This simple, minimalistic knife is the kind of knife that you can stash just about anywhere for when you need it most.  The SlimJim is built from a single piece of steel and is ridiculously thin.  Here is the really amazing part–it uses the SOG assist technology to make it open even faster.  Already setting the industry standards for thin automatics with their SOG-TAC and Spec-Elite lines of knives, now they are doing it with spring assist knives and the SlimJim series. 

The SlimJim also has a safety that makes the blade stay put when you want it that way–open or closed.  Also comes with a reversible stealth clip.  And to top the whole thing off–it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  How good does it get–now if they could just get here already.


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