SOG SlimJim Assist Knife — Review

SOG Slim Jim Assist Knife
SOG Slim Jim Assist Knife–measuring in at 3/16″ thick

I’ve never been, but people keep telling me that over in France you can purchase this knife called a Douk-Douk.  An extremely thin knife with a classic gunstock style handle built from a single piece of metal folded in half to create a channel for the blade to sit in when the knife isn’t in use, the Douk-Douk has been used by French Army for decades and by the French Foreign Legions. There is a similar knife made in Germany called the Mercator 55.  Each of them hold the blade in place with a pin through the blade and the handle piece.

So along comes SOG and creates a similar knife but gives it a major upgrade.  The SlimJim series by SOG feature handles built from a single piece of stainless steel folded into two layers with a thin space between.  Inside this space, rests the AUS 8 blade.  You can pick the knife up with a stainless or black hardcase finish and this year, 2013, the tanto blade shape will be available sometime during 2nd quarter.  On the spine of the blade rests a small protrusion that after a few moments of inspection reveals itself to be the spine lock.  But here is the most amazing thing about this thin knife–it uses the SOG Assisted Technology.  This assist knife opens lightning fast when you flick either of the thumb studs.  Without the deep carry pocket clip, the SlimJim measures just 3/16″ of an inch thick.  Even with the pocket clip it still only is 3/8″ thick.

You might be inclined to think the knife isn’t very tough because it is so thin.  You would be wrong.  This tough brute can handle everything I throw at it.  And it carries the SOG limited lifetime warranty so it is fully backed by SOG for life.  If you haven’t seen one of these beauties–check out the full line of SOG SlimJim knives on our site.  You will be glad you did.

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