SOG Spec Elite Automatic Knives

SOG Spec Elite 51 Auto Knife
SOG Spec Elite 51 Auto Knife

Have you ever used a SOG Auto knife?  Last year, SOG introduced the Spec Elite series.  These knives are a continuation and slight variation of the extremely popular SOG-TAC knives that have been around for a couple of years.  I carried the SOG-TAC 13 for about a year and absolutely loved the knife.  The knife is unbelievably thin.  It felt good in my pocket and the knife performed admirably under heavy every day use conditions.

As I said, last year, SOG released the Spec Elite knives.  These knives use the same automatic mechanics as the SOG-TAC knives which means they are just as thin.  The biggest difference between the two knife series are the handles and the blades.  The handle shape on the Spec Elite series is a tombstone style.  The blade is a modified drop point.  Other than that, the two knife series are essentially the same.  If you liked the originals, you are going to love the new line.  Check out the Spec Elite and the SOG Tac knives on our website.  I can tell you from experience, these are great knives that perform to high standards.  And they are thin.

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