Spyderco Techno Folder Knife

Spyderco 158TIP Techno Folder
Spyderco 158TIP Techno Folder

Wow, jut finished entering the Spyderco Techno folder into stock. This is an amazing knife. Considered one of Spyderco’s “Little Big Knives”, the Techno is short and beefy. It has a great feel in the hand. What I really like about the knife is the CTS-XHP blade. CTS-XHP has similar steel properties and hardness to D2 carbon steel. And yet, it is designated a powdered stainless steel because they add chromium to the steel. So it acts like D2 but is stainless steel–what is not to like about that.
This liner lock, designed by Marcin Slysz, could be one of the coolest knives I have seen in a while.

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